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Years ago we used to sing a church chorus which starts “Gone, gone, gone, gone yes my sins are gone”. Now I’m singing the same song, replacing the word sins with warts. So this is my testimonial version of the same song
Gone! Gone! Gone! Gone! Yes my warts are Gone
Now my face is clear and in my heart a SONG
Buried in the deepest sea
Yes that’s good enough for me
I can smile SOO widely
Praise God my Warts are gone GONE. G–O–N-E!

I am so pleased not to see them on my face anymore
Marcia Hitchin, Hertfordshire UK (1 March 2012)
Hello, I want to provide my experience using the Wart and Mole Vanish for anyone suffering with painful plantar and/or Periungual Warts (wart on cuticle of finger). I had suffered for months and months with a painful plantar wart on the sole of my foot. Eventually it became so painful that I had to do something about it. I used a micro plane foot file to remove callus skin and also Salicylic Acid pads. This seemed to be working but takes FOREVER especially for deep plantar warts. Again, so painful to walk and it even hurt when no pressure was applied. Then, to make things worse, I developed a wart on my thumb in the cuticle which I assume spread from messing with the plantar wart. The area around the wart on my finger became red and swollen and so painful it was really becoming a problem. I really couldn’t use that thumb because it hurt so bad. I was getting desperate so I started looking on the internet for a remedy when I found Wart Mole Vanish. I read the testimonials and looked at the pictures that people had submitted. I liked what people had to say but I was skeptical and was not thrilled with the price so I didn’t order it. I continued on with my micro plane & acid pad on the foot and nothing for the thumb until I simply couldn’t take it anymore. The pain in my finger seemed like a nerve pain it was just unbearable. At that point I didn’t care about the price and I was willing to try anything. I decided to give WMV a try and if it didn’t help I would bite the bullet and go see a doctor. The product came in the mail and I read the directions and got busy. I read in a testimonial that the amount of WMV cream included was surprisingly small and I can confirm that this is true. I used the scratching tool according to the directions to remove the top layer of the wart(s). This was so incredibly painful on my finger that I had to stop using it and use the included emery board instead. It took longer using the emery board but I couldn’t take it with the scratching tool. I waited until the bleeding stopped per the instructions then applied the cream to both warts. The pain was terrible for a good ten minutes at least. My finger hurt the worst which was understandable since it was the most painful wart to begin with. The pain is no joke and I am not a whimp when it comes to pain. Now for the good news. After the initial 10 minutes the pain tapers off and it’s not so bad. I removed the WMV and cleaned after 20 minutes and I could tell it was dissolving the warts. I reapplied two more times on each wart since I really wanted these things gone. Each time it hurt like mad. Let me tell you, this stuff dissolves warts. My foot had probably a quarter inch deep hole where the wart used to be. The finger wart was not as old and established so not as deep. Afterwards I cleaned, disinfected and bandaged. The next day I couldn’t really tell if the warts had been killed or not because there was still redness, swelling and pain. By the second day however, the pain, redness and swelling was almost completely gone from my thumb and my foot was nearly pain free as well. It was clear at that time that the WMV worked. Today, a week later, the scab fell off from my thumb and my foot is almost completely healed as well and no pain in either case. I am very happy with this product. It totally works. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I hope I never need it again but if I get another wart I will order WMV. Thanks for the great product.
Matt, Indianapolis IN
I would like to thank you for the results with your product i had a wart on my face and it removed it completely and delivery was so quick keep up the good work, Thanks again
James, UK
I have to say I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of a wart on my chin. I had it frozen, burned, cut off, next was laser removal. I am getting married next month, and desparately wanted it to go away. When I went online to do research on warts and moles (1 dr said it was a mole, 1 said it was a wart, and 1 had no clue), I found your website,Wart Mole Vanish and figured I’d give it a shot. I loved the idea that it was completely natural! After the 2nd 20 minute treatment, the wart seemed to “melt” away. Where a large bump was, now there is a black flat area! It is healing beautifully and I can’t thank you enough!!! I told a friend of mine about your product and she purchased it as well! You can definitely post my comments. I was very nervous about the idea until I read the testimonials, then I was positive it would work. If my comments help convince even one person that would be great! Good luck with your business, and THANK YOU for this wonderful product :) Sincerely,
Lena, Colton, California (Testimonial #1)
Jay, Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help and for both of your wonderful products. The Wart-Mole Vanish got rid of my daughter’s plantar warts with just one application. I was skeptical after trying all sorts of other remedies which failed, but your product worked just as promised. I would encourage anyone with warts to try this product at once! Don’t waste time and money trying anything else. Also, I can’t thank you enough for all the detailed instructions you gave me over the phone. The only reason for this product not to work is if the user does not know how to get to the root of the wart. I also purchased the Wild Mountain Papaya and it has helped with my daughter’s allergies and sinus inflamation. We recommended it to friends and they love it for help with asthma. Thank you!
Debra, FL
OH MY GOD!!!!! I cannot believe it my daughters warts are gone. I tried two other money back products online and got my money back because they did not work. I tried your product on my daughter. At first i was shocked at the tiny amount that came in the container. I was very nervous using it. I must have called the 1-800 number six times prior and during the use. The gentleman on the other line walked us through everything and was great. Although my 4 year old was a little uncomfortable, I would do it again in a heart beat. I NEVER write reviews but i have told people about this product and would use it again one hundred times if needed. THANKS
I had hand/toe warts for several years– 8 or 10 years to be exact! I tried everything under the sun to get rid of them. The over the counters would seem to work some, but never would the warts go away. The absolute worse for me was laser treatments– extremely painful, very expensive, and massive scarring followed by benign tiny warts being replaced by painful massive ones. I had almost given up then I ordered the Pristine Herbal product. I was very skeptical, especially when it arrived and it was like a drop or two of milky water! I thought for sure I had another disappointing wart treatment. Then to my amazement with one treatment all the hand and toe warts were gone and the only scars were the ones left from prior treatments! My 7 year old daughter has had hand warts since she was about three. I have waited until now to treat her warts, because she is so young. Today I am placing an order for two boxes and can’t wait for her to be wart free also! Thanks so much!
Patricia, NC
Just wanted to say I have tried this product off and on as I seem to have tags coming up in my “later” yrs. This product is awesome..IT WORKS!! Others made promises but no results except redness and soreness. This product REMOVES the wart, and only a small sign remains even if that for some of mine. Some have NO SIGN of a wart ever being there. If this company goes out of business I will cry…haha Thank you for a wonderful miracle product!! Sincerely
Daniel in Palm Coast Fla.
Thanks very much I thought I had tried everything to get rid of my facial warts but that was before I had tried wart & mole vanish. My daughter is due to be married in Sept 2008 & I did want my picture taken with a big wart on my face ( wish I had taken a photo of a before & after now) anyway thanks again brilliant stuff.
I have had this annoying wart on my hand for more than one year. It was the size of a pencil eraser and raised fairly high off my skin. It was embarrassing and has caused discomfort for a long time. I have tried everything OTC and it always came back. I was about to finally make an appointment with a dermatologist, but decided to try your product first. I am so happy I did. I applied the cream/liquid to my wart and waited 20-30 minutes before washing my hand. When I washed the wart, it fell right off! I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t want to take any chances, so I applied more cream to the roots. I waited 20 minutes (it burned a little this time) and the area now became brown/black. I washed again and I’m now wart free!! This wart has plagued me for more than one year and I removed it within an hour with your product. Unbelievable!
Jason, Florida
Hi just letting you know that your product is great it has removed 10 moles from my chest neck and back and one the side of my face next to my ear its so good i think im going to have to get some more for the last few that remain.Thanks
Steve, Perth AU
Hi,wanted to tell you that I had a tiny wart on my index finger which the dermatologist froze of for $100. It came back even larger after that and was frozen off 2 more times, each time coming back even larger. Finally they used some sort of acid which also didn’t work. This cost me almost $400. Your product removed it with one application.
Terry, Cuba NM
Just a comment: I tried freezing, cutting, and salicylic acid on this wart for half a year now. None of these methods compared to the Wart Mole Vanish cream. It took care of my little problem like that. My only complaint is that it comes in such a small box and it is highly expensive. The only thing that mattered in the package was the cream and it was just a teeny tiny drop! At that price, I would like to at least treat 5 different people. But yeah, this is the most effective product that used against warts and moles. I will recommend it to anybody, if they have the money.
Ace – Novato, CA
Just wanted to let you know about my satisfaction with your product (Wart Mole Vanish). I have had a wart on the end of my nose for almost 4 years now(a very smooth and hard wart). I tried everything to get rid of it. Nothing I tried worked…I was beginning to think it was made of iron or something. I followed your easy instructions and it has been 1 week today, the scab fell off this morning and the wart is completely gone! I have some light healing of the skin left, but I am so happy to finally be rid of that hideous thing on the end of my nose! I would very much recommend this product to everyone. Thank you very very much.
Hi Leo, Thanks so much for the great testimonial, I love hearing this!! :) I would like to post this on our website ASAP with your permission. Jamie
Absolutely! I want people to buy this stuff…it really does work. Thanks again. Leo.
Leo – Williston, ND
I ordered Wart Mole Vanish for my son and it works great. I would love an address to send a little note to tell our story and how it helped us to get rid of my sons warts. I have a 9 yr. old son. He came home crying a few months back. When I had asked him what was wrong he said that children at school had asked what was on his hands? When he told them warts, than they began to laugh at him. He told me that he didn’t care how bad it hurt, he just wanted the warts off. Our family doctor had froze off the warts on his hands 3 times and they kept coming back. I had tried all kinds of over the counter remedies with no luck. He had about 10-12 warts on his hands, 4 on his face and about 13-14 on his knee. They were all small in size, but very noticeable. Our doctor had referred us to a Dermatologist to have them removed by laser. I had made an appointment, but we had to wait a few months to get in. So, I was looking on the internet on wart removal when I came upon your website. I thought, what the heck, we’ll give this a try. It would be alot cheaper and less painful that the laser treatment would be. My son was on Spring Break the last week of March, so we decided to remove them then, so the scabs would be gone by the time he went back to school. It worked so well. All the scabs are gone and so are his warts. The skin is so smooth where the warts had been. He is so happy now. Thank you so much for making a great product that works!!!!
Pamela – Marysville, OH
I recieved the kit this afternoon and just finished the application. I must admit that I was very skeptical as Ive been to the DR once for my warts and after having one frozen off and another burned off with acid. Both procedures were extremely painful and didnt work.All I can say is WOW. Your product performs as stated. My warts wiped off after the second application.Why dont doctors use this stuff in their office? Im definately getting more to have on hand.
This stuff really works. I had about a dozen warts all over my hands and fingers. I had to apply the solution several times to each wart but in the end it really did what it said it would. It was a little painful, but well worth it. Now I don’t have any warts thanks to Wart Mole Vanish :)
Thank you i had wart on my hand for about 5 years and i have tried medications, liquid nitrogen, lazer but they still grew back. so finaly when i get across to your link i thought to my self nothing worked lets add this to it as well, but i was wrong after two set of application it worked, but it took me almost a month to heal, but IT WORKES, i no longer have warts, THANK YOU :-) Best wishes and congrats!
Ali, ON, CA
Fast service. My sister’s wart vanished without a trace.
Jim B
Thank you very much, I have been trying to get rid of a plantar wart for 10 years and finally found your product. It actually did what it said it would. I had gone to my doctor and everything and had no results at all. It really bothers me that your product works so well and my doctor didn’t even suggest it. Anyway, if anyone out there wants to get rid of a wart, especially a plantar wart, which is supposed to be one of the harder ones to eliminate, your product is the only one I would support. Try it if you haven’t, it may seem a little expensive, but it does work. Not only that but it works the first time. Thanks again.
Duane, Grand Rapids MI
Good afternoon, I recently purchased your product for a small wart on my cheek. I applied the creme and it turned black immediately, that was more then 50 hours ago. It is still black with no sign of a scab. Should i be worried? It looks worse then it did before, and i am now reluctant to leave the house! Please advise. Kind regards. Clare, Hants UK
Hi Clare, Thank you very much for your contact. Don’t worry. Forming scab is not important. It’ll form a scab later just like normal cuts or burn. Important things are…if you felt stingy sensation when you applied WMV cream on your wart and whole surface of the wart turned dark and cauterized. To heal the area nicer, we recommend applying Aloe Vera right away every 4 hrs or so and an all natural pure(100%) Vitamin E oil after the scab comes off. If you use Vitamin E oil. It has to be NATURAL and 100% PURE Vitamin E oil. You can usually find it at a health food stores. (Do not use Jason products as they say NATURE but are really synthetic) If you have any questions, please, feel free to call our Customer Support at 020-7993-2084. Thank you,
Hi Miyuki Ok i accept I am going to sound like a teenager but here I go anyway! ‘OMG’, I cant believe it, your product worked perfectly, took a week, then just fell off, leaving no scar. When I bought the product I read I could get my money back if not completely satisfied, I thought might as well try it and then just get my money back, never thought for one moment it would actually work! Thank you for your advice. Kind regards.
Clare, Hants UK
Just to say thank you for this brilliant product-does exactly what it claims, saves on pricey and invasive surgery. Can’t praise it enough. Thank you so much
Jayn, UK
Hi Jayn, great comments! Love hearing this!! What did you remove? How did you find us? How does it look now? Thanks!
Jamie :)
Hi Jamie, Had a boring unsightly wart on my jawline-very ugly. Had three skin tags- now gone. And a couple of little skin growths, a bit like a spot with no centre and they have all gone. A bit alarming to start with, as was not ready for black results, but worth all the pain (slight but quite intense for a bit) Found you on Google, read reviews and took the plunge. It is very expensive for such a tiny amount but it really works, so that is all I needed to know. Most people would say I am mad to invest in something that I can’t really tell would work. But I don’t mind how much it costs if it does the job. The sites are still a bit pinky but will not scar and I have used homeopathic rescue remedy and Bio oil which has vitamin E and other goodies that stops scarring. Hard to know how to convince people it works. I guess lots of real testimonials is the answer. Thank you again, and all the very best with this extraordinary product.
Best wishes
Jayn, UK
(For people with plantar warts, you will appreciate and understand this) It may have taken several months and many treatments but the cluster wart (Plantars Wart) I had had for 6 years and still had after 2 surgeries to remove it – is GONE. Totally and completely. Being that it was 50 warts clustered together in an area the size of a quarter it took LOTS (4 kits) of the product. BUT IT was WELL WORTH IT. This product completely killed all the warts and it has not shown signs of re-developing in the past month. The skin has finally healed to normal. NO SCAR!!! My husbands wart on his hand is also gone (he had had it for 10 years or more and had unsuccessfully tried medical treatments as well. Should we ever get any sign of a wart again we will immediately order more product and not wait till the problem becomes worse. Take it from a health care professional this stuff works – and is ultimately easier than the medical treatments currently available.
Kaci Fournier, Lexington, SC
I had a big stubborn wart on my knee for almost a year. I got it a frozen a number of times which caused nothing but pain and actually seemed to make the wart bigger and uglier. Then I went to get the laser treatment which was also painful and quite expensive. I gave up for awhile and then finally decided to order this stuff…I figured what do I have to lose because of the money back guarantee. Well it does exactly what it says it will do. It really didn’t sting that bad and after 3 weeks the wart is gone. Don’t waste your money on anything else.
Tabitha, NC
Hi I already let you know how much I loved this stuff but I want to add a testimonal for the website. My 3 yr old had a wart above his lip and 2 on his fingers. I took him to the dermatologist a total of 9 times. They used Everything on this kid. They even made it worse. The warts just got bigger. I was very skeptical about ordering, but it did offer your money back if it didn’t work. I used it and within 4 days the wart on his face fell off. It’s a miracle. I never thought we would get rid of it. I didn’t think the fingers worked because they didn’t turn black but I left the medicine on and about a week and half later I was holding his hand and realized the warts were gone. They were huge warts so you could feel them if you held his hand. The doctors made them alot bigger than they were originally. Anyway, I’m very grateful and if anyone has warts that they have tried everything, this is the stuff to get. Thank you again
Robyn, MA
Thanks for a great product! It has only been 4 days since I treated a wart with WMV and my skin is almost back to normal (minus the wart of course).
Just to clarify, did you treat a wart on your hand and a genital wart too? Thanks! Jamie
Yes, both. Thanks
L.W., UK
What a great product. I had tried everything short of going to the dermatologist. WMV worked perfectly and I avoided having to make a trip or two to the doctor.s office and of course the expense of the office visit. And now no more wart. Thank you for such a wonder product.
Sheila, Los Angeles, CA
After coming back from India, I noticed that I had developed a rather nasty and deep rooted plantar wart. I suppose I got it from walking around everywhere barefoot. I’ve had plantar warts before and I know how painful and frustrating they can be to remove. The dermatologist tried everything from freezing them, cutting them off with a scalpel to electro-cauterization, all to no avail. It ended up being a very costly and time consuming effort. These doctors are really rakin in the money! I finally got around to trying Wart Mole Vanish and I’ll admit, I am very impressed. It took 2 back to back applications, so 4 in total. The first 2 applications got rid of most of it, except for a small spec. Anyone that’s had plantar warts can tell you if you don’t remove the entire thing, it can easily grow back. The second time around, I dug in deep, clipped off all the skin with a nail clipper, and used a razor to trim off the surrounding skin. I applied the Wart Mole Vanish cream, it penetrated, stung like crazy and after about 20 minutes the whole area was a crater full of black and red goop. This later turned into a scab and that too fell off a couple weeks later leaving a tender red spot. After a few months the skin tone returned to normal and I am proud to say I am wart free! Thanks Wart Mole Vanish!
JL, California
OMG – IT WORKS, IT WORKS, IT WORKS!! My daughter (13 yrs old) had what appeared to be caluses in the crease of her pinky toe. Then another tiny one popped up in front of the next toe. And another in front of the middle toe (all on the bottom of the feet). And another in the middle of her foot (they were spreading like fire). We went to a dermatologist, paid a slew of money, and they wanted us to come back to pay some more money for follow up for however long it took. I took a chance and bought the wart mole vanish here. It was not as painful as the dermatologist freezing her warts, which didn’t work. Within 6 weeks, her warts were completely gone (we worked the dead skin off) and her skin looks back to normal – healthy and pink!! Thanks for a great product. I’ll use nothing else in the future. ~S~
S. Schott, New Orleans
I just wanted to say that your product is awesome! I have used it to remove both warts and moles. By far the most effective way to permanently eliminate both. Thank you!
Heather, Des Moines, IA
I ordered wart mole vanish honestly unsure of the outcome. I am glad to say ‘WoW” lol. I had a few skin tags and a couple warts to remove and your product works flawlessly honestly I was thinking I was going to need several applications and I was not going to be part of group that gets them removed with one easy application if at all. Well here I am saying that this purchase has not left a sour taste in my mouth but a good feeling that only a product that under promises and over delivers can. thanks so much hopefully I wont get any more skin tags or warts but if I do there is only one link bookmarked in my browser. :)
Tim, San Bernardino
I just wanted to thank whoever came out with that wart remover cream it worked miracles. Thanks again, god bless America!
Matt Lauer New Albany, OH US
Hi, I just wanted to post a comment hoping it will help someone else to decide to use your product. I used Mole Wart Vanish to successfully treat my 6 year old daughter’s warts. She got a wart on her wrist about a year ago (she was 5 at the time). Her pediatrician suggested treating it with duct tape and if that didn.t help, using over the counter wart removal medication. We tried both unsuccessfully and in the meantime she got more warts on her toes. Over the counter medicine absolutely did not work and it seemed like every time we thought we got rid of a wart, it came back with several small warts around it. By May of this year she had about 15 warts including one on her finger which I thought was a step away from getting warts on her face. We were desperate as she absolutely refused to go to the doctor to have them removed. I searched the Web and out of desperation more than anything else decided to try your product.
Your product delivered what you said it would. I had to treat several warts 2 times but the end result is a great relief. She had moderate stinging for 2-3 minutes right after application, but she thought it was better than a trip to the doctor.
Thank you for your wonderful product. I don’t understand why physicians would rather recommend a multiple application product that does not work and is very harsh on the surrounding tissue, than a one application product that really works.
Olga Pekar, Katy, TX
Hello your stuff (Wart Mole Vanish) works great my warts were gone in 3 days. i tryed other products for months and nothing works as great as Pristine Herbal Touch’s Wart Mole Vanish. i will tell my friends. Thank you
Pierre Lemieux (BELLEVILLE, MI)
BEST WART REMOVER PERIOD!!!! I am wart free…thank you
James J., Fairview Park, OH
I would like to say that Pristine’s Mole/Wart remover product by far is the best out there. I had a wart on my lip for about 1 year trying everything, I was putting a oil from another company on for over 7 weeks three times a day to no avail. So I randomly came across the Pristine web site and saw their mole/wart remover product I purchased it came in the next day I applied it as directed…20 minutes later it was gone from the root up…amazing I have been fighting this for a year I whish I found your product a year ago. Thanks again Jamie you were very helpful.
Scott, California