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Nikki's Finger Wart

Nikki, 10 years old. This wasn’t a very pleasant experience for him, but in the end, he was very happy.

Chely's Son's Plantar Wart

Hi Jamie, We spoke about two weeks ago about my 8 year old son’s plantar wart. Thank you for coaching me to dig deep. Eleven days ago I cut away much of the wart using cuticle cutters. Lots of blood came out. When the bleeding stopped, I applied the cream – it turned black – not a lot of stinging was felt. I wiped off the cream after 20 minutes and did some more cutting, when bleeding ceased, applied the cream again and watched it turn black – stinging was felt but only for a minute or two. We thought we were on our way to destroying the wart but it never really scabbed over. There were little scabs inside the wart area but nothing indicates that the whole thing will fall off any time soon. There is probably enough cream left for one more treatment – do you think I should do 2 or 3 more in addition? You mentioned you could possibly submit a warranty claim – let me know if you want me to take a photo. We just want to get rid of this thing! 
—-2nd Letter—- 
Hi Jamie, Just wanted to touch back with you about my son’s foot that is now happily wart free. Thank you for coaching me twice over the phone. It took about 6 weeks for the wart and dead skin to fall off (leaving quite a cavern in his foot) and then much to our surprise, only 3 days to completely heal over. That was about 6 months ago – no sign of any recurrence. We are very impressed with this product and the support that came along with it. With Much Gratitude, C. Green and Son 
Hi Cheryl, That’s great news! Your son must be very happy :) Can I ask you to send me an after photo please? :) Also Cheryl, can you leave me an Amazon “Customer Review” This would really help me :) Please login to your Amazon account and search for Wart Mole Vanish, click on the picture of the product (blue WMV box) then click on “customer reviews” (# customer reviews) and then “Create your own review”. Thanks so much Cheryl, Jamie

Josh's Plantar Wart

Josh’s plantar wart removed in 3 back to back applications. The number of applications needed may vary per individual and the severity of the wart.

Jason's Arm Wart

Jason is a good friend of ours who had a wart about the size of a pencil’s eraser on his arm. As you can see we applied Wart Mole Vanish and after about 3 weeks, all that was left of it was hardly visible.

Mom's Hand Wart

We trust this product so much that we used it on the owner’s Mom!