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Nikki's Face Mole Removal

"I tried Wart & Mole Vanish and it worked!! It really worked. It took two treatments but now it is completely gone. I am so happy now! Thank you guys so much!" -Nikki, IN

Kristy's Large Face Mole Removal

"Hi James. I just want to say what an amazing product this is. Here are before . During . 1 week in and now 17 days later . I’m truly thankful and will be using the remainder of the cream for other moles. This mole that I removed had bothered me for many years and now I’m finally free and confident thanks to this amazing product I only needs one application I’m so happy with the results." -Kristy M., UK (2/27/2018)

Rachel's Face Mole Removal

Of course the before pics I had just washed my face and do not have one stitch of make up on… NICE!!! I do have concealer on the mole areas, so you cannot see the redness.

Thank you Jamie so much for such a wonderful product!! I still have some red spots but they seem to get lighter every day. I am applying a scar cream to them to help with any scars that might be left. I removed 3 moles from my face that had bothered me for quite some time. With having 2 babies the hormones from pregnancy seemed to make them bigger with each pregnancy. My moles were always the first thing I noticed in pictures and I hated them!! Granted I still have a few more to get rid of, I am extremely happy with the results of the 3 that I did remove. They were all 3 good size and they only took ONE treatment each!! I started on 7/1/06 and it stung a little bit but nothing bad, they all turned black within 30 or so minutes. One got a little swollen but after a day or so it was fine. I was of course hoping that they would fall off within 7 days, but they took longer.. the first one fell off on 7/13, then next 7/14 and the last 7/17. I applied Vitamin E oil to them faithfully during the scabbing process and after they fell off. Like I said before the areas are still a little red but that is getting better. I don’t know if the redness will completely go away (HOPE HOPE HOPE) but if I have to wear a little concealer (which I do) for a while than that is no comparison to the moles that I hated for so many years!!! I will praise your product to many and buy more for my additional moles that I would like removed. My sister’s wedding is in 3 weeks and this was the main reason I chose to remove them, for wedding pics!!! I didn’t want them in them pictures. So needless to say I am a VERY HAPPY CAMPER!! 
—-FOLLOWUP 01-09-2007—-
You know I had actually forgotten how much I HATED my moles until I looked at the before pics!! It has been since July on the forehead, above lip and bottom of chin one and I only have a small mark where the one above the lip used to be, the others you can’t even tell they were ever there. This product is amazing!! I have since recommended it to several friends who have used it also. I decided to use it again on the 2 moles I had on left side of my chin, I admit I wasn’t as diligent with the healing on those that I was with the others, you can see a little redness on them still, I don’t know if it will fade with time or if it was because I didn’t apply mederma & Vit E like I did with the 1st 3. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with your product and couldn’t recommend it any HIGHER than I already have!! I am just amazed, it is a miracle in a jar!! It has done wonders for my self esteem. After having 2 babies back to back, my moles from all the hormone rages just grew and I HATED them sooo much, now that they are gone I feel like a new person!! I know I still have other moles, but I like those ones, they add character… Gotta have some Beauty marks!! I just no longer wanted the BIG DIPPER on my face. Thank you so much again for a wonderful product. If anyone wants to ask me any questions about it, feel free to give them my email address.  -Rachel.A, Thompsons Station, TN

Rikki's Face Moles

October 20, 2007 Hey Pristine! I am so incredibly impressed already, I can’t tell you! I’m still in the healing process, but I was so excited that I want to order more of this great product right away! I was shocked at how little came with my last order but a little is all it took! I’ve treated 4 on my face alone and my sister used the stuff on 3 on her face and one on her midsection. And there’s still some left! We’re both on the mend (it’s only been a week now) but I can hardly wait to get some more so I can share it with two other sisters and my mother :) I heard of this product some time ago but the cost initially held me back. Also I figured it would only be enough for one or two moles on my face, so I sought out other less expensive products that I thought would help. I bought an essential oil blend for moles and also Dermatend. They may work for some people, but didn’t do jack for me! Your product, howeve, works just like you claim it will! WOW! I have a page on, and once I heal completely I will put up an album called “Un-beauty marked” so I can encourage others to use mole/wart vanish. Let me tell you, these moles had such a negative impact on my self-esteem! I’m SO EXCITED to find something that works! Rikki, a very happy repeat customer from Canada :) 
Hi Rikki, wow what a great testimonial! I love hearing this! With your permission I’ll post this as soon as you send a follow up when they have healed. I recommend you use pure NATURAL vitamin E oil to help the healing process along. Thanks so much! Jamie 
Hey Jamie :) I just got your message. Thanks, I sure didn’t expect to hear from anyone, much less the head honcho, haha:) I sure will send a follow up and I will be more than happy for you to use my testimonial! Thank YOU Jamie for coming out with this great product! TTYL, Rik:) Click on photos below for bigger image.

Shirley's Back Mole Removal

Jenni's Face Moles Removal

I bought this stuff about 5 months ago…it worked great! I had 5 moles on my face and two of them were so big they needed a second application…I do have a slight scar/red mark where the mole was but nothing a little bit of cover up doesn’t hide…I feel so much better and look so much better as well! The redness and scars go away with time…I wouldn’t pick the scab though because it takes longer to heal and may leave a bigger mark…I actually put band-aids over the treated areas and the scabs fell off within 10 days, then I put neosporin on them until they fully healed and I feel and look GREAT!!!I am ordering more of this stuff for some moles on my back I want removed… I have bragged so much about this product and how much prettier I feel because I do not have the huge moles on my face anymore…you can barely see the marks on my face and like I said nothing that a little dab of makeup won’t fix! Sure beats trying to cover up big ugly moles…my kids are always saying how much “prettier” I am and I feel that way as well…

Millie's Face Mole Removal

Patricio's Mole Removal - 1 Kit Treated All Moles!

Eva's Face Mole Removal

Head Mole Removal (Between Hair)

Large Raised Mole on Scalp – 1/2″ diameter, 3/8″ raised

Haru's Face Moles Removal

What a great product! I didn’t expect those moles on my face are gone easily without spending a lot of time and money. It is the most amazing product I have ever seen in my life. Until I knew Wart Mole Vanish, I was suffering those moles on my face since I was teenager. Those moles were getting my stress, then I always put concealer to hide them. I know some people love their mole ’cause those look them sexy. I agree. However, for me, the place of my mole just beside of my nose, looks something on my nose! I used to search some clinic to having lazar surgery once though, I gave up to remove them because it costs a lot for a college student…until NOW. When I was first time use the Wart Mole Vanish, it hurt little bit for a few minutes. It seems like stick by a needle or feel like burning. That’s all. After that, I just remind not to touch them until they naturally came off. It took 10 days to come off all. My goodness…long time concerns are gone in a few minutes!! Thanks Wart Mole Vanish! and I wanna especially thank to you guys for quick responding whenever I worried about. I strongly recommend to everyone who want to change your looks! 
-Harue, Los Angeles, CA

Pamela's Chest Moles Removal

Hi Jamie, These are the moles on my left chest. I will send the rest of the pictures (moles on my legs) when the scab come off itself. I am happy of the result as far as the outcome on my chest. I don’t see any scar at all. Thank you.

Pamela Godwin, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

General Mole Removal