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I would just like to say a HUGE thanks for such a great product. I have had a large mole just next to my nose for about ten years and really hated it. I was scared of going to have it removed as my mum had one surgically removed and it involved a lot of injections around her face which I wasn’t comfortable with. I bought all sorts of products which were no use – concoctions from ebay, herbal remedies, even dermatend. They all changed the colour of my mole but never managed to remove it. I bought this product as a last attempt before giving up and I’m so glad I did. My mole was very chunky and I wasn’t convinced anything would be able to get through it. I’m not going to lie, you can’t be squimish when using this, you need to be comfortable dealing with your body as it will cause things to change colour/get irritated/scab or be slightly moist with plasma. I applied once which didn’t seem to do much, so applied again a few days later which I have to admit did sting incredibly but seemed to hit the spot. The box said up to 3 weeks for the scab to fall off but mine was coming away after about 5 days. By the end of the week it was very loose and crispy so I just helped it off (childish, I know!) but it was fine and completely gone underneath, just a small patch of slightly red skin. I have been applying a small blob of sudacrem to the area every evening and it’s healed up amazingly, it’s like it was never there! I usually take reviews of things with a pinch of salt but I had to come back and say something because it was so great! I’m sad I didn’t bother taking any pictures – as I wasn’t expecting it to work. If you’ve tried everything and have even a massive mole, try this. If it didn’t have a guarantee I know I wouldn’t have bothered buying it. But it does! Anyway, thanks so much. Loving my new confidence!
Hattie, UK
Subject: just a thank you
Thank you so much i used your procuct on a mole i had for years and could not see myself going through having it cut off as i was told that was the only way of removing it “no way”. but with your product pain free and easy this mole fell off in just 12 days of doing the application much thanks. p.s feel free to put this on your website as a testimony.
Aimee, NSW AU
Hello, I just wanted to say what a wonderful, brilliant and great product wart/mole vanish is!!! I had 3 moles on my face, 2 from age 7, for years!! I dreamed of having them removed by surgery but was a bit worried and also the cost!! I then stumbled upon your site and after reading many of the testimonials I decided to buy it. Like someone else has said in it’s the waiting for the scab to fall of is the worse part, so many people feel they have the right to stare and say something! Eventually they fall of and how great does that feel!!! I am now in two my third week after doing the 3 on my face on 2 others on my body and they have all gone with only slight scaring which I no doubt will still heal even better! I would recommend that you use savl on, as i found it kept the scabs from drying out too quickly and aids healing as well as vit E oil, and cont with vit E after while scaring is still evident. Thank you so much, anyone feeling hesitant… DONT do it, it will change your life!
Nikki, York UK
Hi Jamie–Thanks for your help in September. I had an entirely successful result with the back-to-back applications. Two facial moles are gone without a trace and the third may leave a tiny scar, but the jury’s still out. I feel so grateful not to be at the mercy of my genes or whatever it is that causes these heartbreaking moles. Thanks again.
Christine, PA
Hi Jamie, thanks for your email regarding wmv purchase. This will be my fourth batch ordered, and it just gets better! Had many reservations after trying many supposed items out there on the market, all of which, had little or no impact on mole removal. So on seeing your website, the great presentation, and reasonable price I thought why not give it a try! Boy am I glad I did, because the fact this is a natural herbal product, I still cannot believe the effect it has on removing moles, usually in one application! I first spoke to Ken at your uk branch, and he was fantastic at talking me through every aspect of wmv. In my opinion, through many experiences, good customer relations is crucial in encouraging people to make the decision to buy a product, and I have to say, yours is second to none. As I said, this is now my fourth order, and the more you use it, the more confident you are on how to use it. Being someone who has lots of small, flat freckly moles, I have found that the needle you supply for warts seems to work much better at penetrating these moles, think I was being much to soft on them first time round! Anyway I would just like to say a big thank you to you and all who are involved with your product. You deserve every success, and have greatly improved many peoples confidence and well being worldwide. Please feel free to use this email amongst your ever growing testimonials, and I will continue to purchase, your genius product! All the best.
Andrew Huston, UK
Message: I have NEVER written a review for any product I have bought online until now. Let this be a testament of how awesome this product is. I had some small moles on my face and within 8 days all of them were GONE! AMAZING PRODUCT!
Adam, WI
I just wanted to thank you for making this product available , it is absoutly amazing in just 7 days my ugly mole fell off and it is completely GONE !! I feel like a brand new me. I will definitely be purchasing this product again and I will tell all my friends how wonderful it is. Thank you,
Crystal, OH
Wow, talk about customer service! I emailed you and my email wouldn’t work so you actually called me to answer my question, thanks a lot! I’m not sure if my make-up is natural or not, so I’m going to hold off on trying to cover the black marks for as long as I can. I don’t want to interrupt the healing process. I read a woman’s testimonial saying she Mederma to help with the scars healing after the scab feel off, so I’m going to use that along with my vitamin e oil. I’m getting married in March and have always wanted to have a mole free face. Especially for the pictures taken on my special day. I can’t wait for the scabs to fall off and see my face for the first time ever without any moles! What a dream come true your product has been and I’m not even finished yet. I’ll be back for more as soon as this “session” is complete. Thanks again. 
Hi Randa, just checking in with you to see how everything turned out with the Wart Mole Vanish? Thanks! 
Everything turned out well. i kind of have a couple “dips” in my skin where they were but other than that it’s great. I’m hoping that the dips will become less noticeable, since they’re on my face. Great product though!!
I just wanted to write to say thanks! There is nothing like this in the UK. There should be it would help so many peoples self esteem. I couldn’t decide for a long a time whether to buy the product or not but after reading others testimonials I decided to try it. I thought the best time to try it was just after new year when most people go into hibernation for a month or so to get over christmas before enjoying the rest of the year. Thought I might start with a few smaller moles on my body. But ultimately I wanted rid of at least 2 of my 4 face moles. I had 5 small moles on my body I thought I would get rid of first to see the results before treating the ones on my face, but after treating my first mole just under my left breast I decided to just go for it with the ones on my face. The reason for this is because I saw that the cream worked exactly like it said it should. It stung a bit, but a nice stinging, like I knew it was eating the mole right out. It also turned black within about a minute. I then treated a mole on the side of my torso, three moles in the crease between my armpit and chest, one on my arm and two on my face. The two on my face were the whole reason I bought your product. I had 4 moles on my face altogether two of which bothered me the most. One on the side of my face, and one by my nose. The other two don’t bother me so much, but I might still remove them. The one by my nose has only appeared and grown in my twenties, but the one on the side of my face has been there for as long as I can remember getting bigger and more ugly by the day!! I have long hair and despite people telling me how much I suit it tied up, I always wear it down to hide this particular mole. My first mole came off after 3 days. Unfortunately, it was because where it was positioned it was knocked off by my bra strap. More followed in this fashion, with the other moles being knocked off one by one. The one by my nose came off a week after applying the cream. I don’t think it was ready, but because of where it was, facial movements made it come loose prematurely. Two weeks later it is now healing very well, and although there was what seemed like a big hole there, it is closing up now and I prefer it to the ugly mole that was there before. The scab on the mole on the side of my face came off this evening, two weeks after applying the wart mole vanish. I thought earlier in the week that it may have been infected but I kept it clean and applied cream two times a day and it healed up very nicely. It looks pretty healthy and I think will heal nicely. I only have one scab left on my arm. I think it will come off this weekend leaving hardly any trace of a scar. It’s fortunately in a place that would be hard to knock it off by mistake so its healing brilliantly. I have two left on my face which I will probably treat when I have some time off work. As I said, they don’t bother me as much, but for cosmetic reasons I may just do it.This has improved my confidence already before I’m even properly healed. I teach, and hated the fact that I would be described by the children as the teacher with the moles!! Children can be cruel! I always felt that people were staring, especially at the one by my nose which although didn’t have much colour, was very noticeable!! Thank you so much… Here’s to a more confident 2008!
Gemma, UK
I am extremely pleased with the results of your cream. I used the Wart Mole Vanish in April 2007 to remove 15 moles in total. The small ones under half a centimeter round but about 3 of them were almost a centimeter round. It took 10 months, but all the deep red marks have completely disappeared and all that is visible now is a pale white mark which is much better to live with than a mole. Definitely using this product again. Thank you,
Sarah, U.K.
Hi Jamie–Thanks for your help in September. I had an entirely successful result with the back-to-back applications. Two facial moles are gone without a trace and the third may leave a tiny scar, but the jury’s still out. I feel so grateful not to be at the mercy of my genes or whatever it is that causes these heartbreaking moles. Thanks again.
Christine, PA

SUCCESS!!!!! I am so happy and thrilled to inform you and your staff that the mole on my face is gone. I did have to apply the cream a third time because after the first scab came off part of the mole could still be seen. I called and talked to another person on your staff and she told me to go ahead and apply the cream again. I did and last Friday that scab fell off and now you can only see the place where the mole was. I have had it on my face for so many years that I don’t know when it grew. It probably was about 1/4″ and was the type of mole which would have hairs growing from it. Light in color though. My husband is thrilled and I’m so thankful to you at Pristine Herbal Touch and to God that it is gone. I did not like it being there, but did not want to go to dermatologists and that route of treatment. It did tingle for a good five to ten minutes and did turn black as prescribed.

All I can say is thank you and keep on doing the fine work that you are doing at Pristine Herbal Touch!!!! I will be telling other friends and family about your product and they can see for themselves the results. I believe in natural products, first and foremost!!!! Sincerely,

Bonnie (N.Y.) 2/26/07
I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing!! I thought it was a load of rubbish and that it would not work…. I had this horrible mole right in the corner of my nose up by my left eye and it was getting bigger with every baby that I’d had!! But now it has gone gone gone and I couldn’t thank you enough!! I also attacked some small moles on my body…. Thanks so much!! from Lisa-may bryan :) , NZ 
Hi Lisa May, I love to hear testimonials like this as they are so heart warming! With your permission I’ll post this on our website. I can correct a few spelling errors if you like? Is your last name spelled Bryan or Byran? :) Thanks! Jamie 
Hi there, (Bryan) I was half a sleep when I typed this last night!! yes put this on the web site and if you need to change anything for it to make a bit more sense then do that to,
Thanks heaps from Lisa :0
2/27/07 Subject = Thanks a million
Thanks for everything. Your product worked great and you were very nice!! I feel better about taking my shirt off now. You don’t know how much that means to me. So everyone take it from me this product works great on moles.
Thanks Stan, Conway, AR
What a great product! I didn’t expect those moles on my face are gone easily without spending a lot of time and money. It is the most amazing product I have ever seen in my life. Until I knew Wart Mole Vanish, I was suffering those moles on my face since I was teenager. Those moles were getting my stress, then I always put concealer to hide them. I know some people love their mole ’cause those look them sexy. I agree. However, for me, the place of my mole just beside of my nose, looks something on my nose! I used to search some clinic to having lazar surgery once though, I gave up to remove them because it costs a lot for a college student…until NOW.
When I was first time use the Wart Mole Vanish, it hurt little bit for a few minutes. It seems like stick by a needle or feel like burning. That’s all. After that, I just remind not to touch them until they naturally came off. It took 10 days to come off all. My goodness…long time concerns are gone in a few minutes!! Thanks Wart Mole Vanish! and I wanna especially thank to you guys for quick responding whenever I worried about. I strongly recommend to everyone who want to change your looks!
Harue, Los Angeles, CA
I have two separate experiences to relate with regard to Wart Mole Vanish. I am 70 years of age and have lived in Florida since 1960 and have been exposed to the sun much more than what one would consider a safe level. Being of Mediterranean decent (dark complexion), I assumed I was immune to skin related sun damage but now I am paying the price as skin moles seem to be appearing on various parts of my body at an increased frequency.
Experience 1. I purchased my first mole removal kit about a year ago. I had three specific moles I wanted to remove. A dark colored raised mole about 1/4″ diameter on the calf of my left leg, a slightly raised dark area ( approx. 3/8″ dia. ) on my inner left ear and a skin colored mole ( approx. 1/8″ dia.) on the left side of my nose. Following the instructions, I treated the mole on my leg to get a feel for what to expect and much to my delight, the scab formed and fell off after about two weeks. I then treated the remaining two moles and again, after 2 weeks they also were removed. Very little evidence remains to indicate I ever had moles on the treated spots.
Experience 2. I ordered my second removal kit specifically for removing a fairly large dark colored mole (1/4″ slightly raised) located under my right ear lobe. I applied the removal cream after cleaning and sanding the mole surface. As experienced previously, the mole turned black within 20 minutes. I washed off the white coating and applied Polysporin antibiotic ointment then and every day after showering. The scab fell off after only 1 week this time and left a small pink/reddish spot which I feel will fade within a few months. I was surprised how quickly I responded to the treatment this time especially for someone my age. I want to say how very pleased I am with this product and without reservation would recommend it to anyone desiring a safe, effective and economical way for removing moles.
Sam, Pensacola, FL
I am over the moon with the results though thank you. I can’t believe how clear my arms look. I had some surgically removed also in the summer off my back and the mole remover is a quicker healer and the scars are now just white circles. I’m very pleased and would defiantly recommend this product :) Kind Regards,
Hannah, OXON, UK
Hello Jamie I’m very pleased to let you know that my daughter’s moles have been virtually eliminated following application of your treatment. She has tried other conventional treatments to no advantage in the past; we are delighted that yours has worked. With our thanks and appreciation
Paul Baines, Wellington, New Zealand
THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!! i used it on a flat mole on my forehead, and within a week it had fallen off completely. Now i have a small pink scar, which is better than having a mole! Why isn’t this stuff advertised on tv, or in doctors offices? it could help MANY MANY people! I am going to get rid of the other small moles on my face, although i dont know what im going to do to cover the scabs
Many thanks for a fantastic product that i have used successfully time and time again! (First purchase: 3-10-07) I now have removed over 50 moles both on my face and body and feel great about it! I had very expensive laser done on some moles on my face, thinking it would be better done by a doctor, but i have a mark left where it was done and a couple came back after a few weeks! With your product, not only they’re all gone, but the scaring is really minimal and in some cases, no longer visible! I have recommended it to many of my friends, one of which who needs to have it done on her face, that tells you how much i trust this product!!! Hated my face for 35years because of over 15 moles on it, and now, they’re all gone and i couldn’t be happier about the results. Thanks you so much for changing my life. Kind regards,
Laurence, UK
—-FOLLOWUP (12-1-07)—-
No Jamie, i did not take any pictures, i honestly didn’t have much hope, plus i hated my moles so much that i would not have pictures taken of me anyway. But yes, go ahead and post my testimonial, after all it is thanks to other’s testimonials that i made up my mind and decided to order that great product!!! So thank you so much to you and all your team, but also to all the people out there who were willing to share their experiences. regards,
Laurence, UK
Hi guys, especially KEN!! I just wanted to let you all know that i think your product is wonderful!! I just got it in the mail yesterday, which by the way was a very fast delivery, anyways, i put the Mole Vanish Cream on my mole on my face right above my lip “Madonna Mole” and i did exactly what the instructions said step by step, and oh my god, it really works!! I was extremely satisfied with only the results in less than 24 hours. I really gave it a closer look this morning when i woke up and wow, it went from mole to scab in only a few hours overnight. I can tell already that there will be no indention and very little scarring, if any. I of most people would say that i am one of the most skeptical people alive, lol but i just wish i would have known about your product sooner, i would have done this years ago!! I was very insecure about the way i looked and the mole played a big part of my life especially being on my face for eveyone to see. This is truely a wonderful product and i will be recommending it to my family members as well as all my friends. Thank you so much for changing my self esteem from low to very high, and this is just the results so far after less than 24 hours!! I cant wait to see the total end result. I will be sending my before and after pictures so you can show anyone that is thinking about doing this or is very skeptical. To all the skeptics out there: You have got to use this Natural Product, it really works!! Thanks so much Ken for all your knowlege and advice, you guys were so helpful to me as i am sure you are to all your customers. I owe you much much more than the measely $88.90 i paid. Thanks so much!!
Steven V., TXPaul Baines, Wellington, New Zealand
I just wanted to send a note to say thanks for such a great product! I will surely refer the Wart Mole Vanish to friends and family. It’s very difficult today to find a product that actually delivers what it promises (even ones that offer guarantees), but WMV delivered right on the money. I removed 6 moles and it worked just like it is advertised to. Thanks again!
Jamie Shallow – SUAMICO, WI
Hi Jamie. It’s too good to be true but your product really works! I had a raise mole on my face and it made me sad whenever I look at my face. I just hate looking at my face but Jamie you took care of it. I have purchase a lot of products on line and wasted my money but your Wart Mole Vanish is worth every penny! It took 7 days and I had to apply the cream twice and the mole fall of on the seventh day. Now I am the tall, dark and handsome guy again. Thanks Jamie, you should be given the Nobel Prize.
Sanjay Govindan – Longview, TX
Hi Jamie, I just wanted to let you know the Wart Mole Vanish worked amazing! My boyfriend would never write into these things so I’m just going to let you know that the scab fell off about 8 days after the product was used and there was barely a mark underneath-a small pinkish mark. He has been using this vitamin E and cocoa butter serum since and only about 2 weeks or so after the initial use the pinkish mark is barely visible and looks like it’s going to completely disappear within a couple of days. I’m actually amazed that it worked the way it did because I guess everyone is scared of what scar it might leave. This is truly a revolutionary product, I know he wishes he would have known about this before. And I hate to admit but I am so glad his mole is gone, he’s a great looking guy and that always bugged me!! You can post my comments online if you wish just don’t use my last name. Thanks again for all your help and I hope you can get the word out even more about this product.
Valerie – Astoria, NY
I just have to say that this is an amazing product (Wart Mole Vanish). I had a mole on my forehead for as long as I can remember. I purchased your product a little over a month ago. I applied it to the mole and it worked like the product instructions said it would. You guys have the only product that really works. I’m going to tell everyone about it!
JG – Charlotte NC
Just wanted to leave a testimonial. This product, Wart Mole Vanish does exactly what it is supposed to do. It removes moles and is very very affordable. Honestly I wouldn’t have given it a try if it didn’t look so professional. Instructions were great and really easy and if you follow them correctly, you see the results. Thanks for everything. You guys are doing a wonderful job!!!
Mohammad Khan – Carol Stream, IL
My God! It actually works! In the scabbing phaze. 2 have fallen off. They were so deep, I thought they’d need afew times, but they were killed out right. WIERD!!! How does it work? How was it discovered? I have felt so concious, being blessed with around 90+ moles on my face and body. My face bothered me the most, and a big mole on my head. I’d need alot more Wart Mole Vanish pots and alot of time to remove them all but started with face and head. AMAZING! Looking forward to my clear complexion for the first time in my life. This will TOTALLY improve my confidence. You can publish this if you want.
Sovra, UK
hiya thank you for the superb wart mole vanish cream it is brilliant and i have taken 16 moles away and the pinkness after the scabs have fallen off is nearly all gone.with 1 raised mole size about 1cm the scab has fallen off and its 15 days later but it looks pale brown rather than pink do i need to put more cream on? if i do will i have to wait until after 90 days has passed to put more cream on? thanks again this cream is like magic
K. Bailey, UK
You can treat it again when ever you are ready. -Jamie
I removed warts. I tried everything too. Thank you.
Steve, WA
Hi, I just wanted to say your product (Wart Mole Vaanish) is great. It works exactly like it says it will. I had a large mole next to my mouth and was very nervous about removing it. A plastic surgeon had told me it should be done cosmetically and would run approx $1000 dollars. I used your product and it is gone. The mark remaining is no more than a very light freckle and completely smooth. This mole was almost as big as a pencil eraser and it took only 1 application. I have removed another with the same results. I am very very pleased! Thanks again. Hope you will continue to research skin products. Now if you could just help me get rid of my acne scars.
Jan – Pueblo, CO
hiya thank you for the superb wart mole vanish cream it is brilliant and i have taken 16 moles away and the pinkness after the scabs have fallen off is nearly all gone.with 1 raised mole size about 1cm the scab has fallen off and its 15 days later but it looks pale brown rather than pink do i need to put more cream on? if i do will i have to wait until after 90 days has passed to put more cream on? thanks again this cream is like magic
K. Bailey, UK
You can treat it again when ever you are ready. -Jamie
I removed warts. I tried everything too. Thank you.
Steve, WA
Hi All, I would just like to write a very big thank you for this product (Wart Mole Vanish), it has given me my self confidence back – If anyone from the UK is in doubt about trying this, don’t be, it works, I am now 40 and for 20 years looked into the mirror and saw an ever increasing mole on my jaw line, now I have to look twice to try and remember where it was! many thanks-
Susie- Ditchling East Sussex UK
hi, the scabs from ma moles feel off bout a month ago just to say thanks!!! was wondering there’s still a reddish shiny mark were they used to be will this go away in time? its been over a month and iv been using vitamin e oil!! but other than that your product (Wart Mole Vanish) is amazing all my moles have gone!! why is this product not in shop cause its fantastic!!!!!!!! thanks again!!!!!!!
The red will fade over time. It’s different for everybody. It can take a few weeks or several months. I had one that took over 7 months? Keep using the E oil. Thanks so much for the kind words! I love hearing this!
thank you for replying!! ok il keep using vitamin e oil. thank you again for everything and for your really kind service will def recommend you to my friends!!! again your product is amazing!!! thanks soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anne, UK
Ken, Thanks so much for your product (Wart Mole Vanish)! It has removed 3 large moles I had. I am now using it on the 4th mole. I followed all the instructions you gave me personally by phone as well as the ones that came with the product. Truth be known, I was really dreading the scratching part of the application because I thought it might hurt, but suprisingly enough it didn’t at all! The treatment and healing process went exactly as the instructions explained. I am very pleased with my results and will use this product to remove a few smaller moles I have and without a doubt I will recommend this product to all my friends. Thanks again!
Shannon 04/05/06
I just want to thank you for such a wonderful product (Wart Mole Vanish). I had eleven little moles on my face, which I have always hated. I asked my doctor about the possibility of having them removed and was told that the scar would be worse than the mole. Wanting to get rid of them anyway, I got on the internet to get an idea of what it would cost to have them removed. I quickly realized that I cannot afford the price, but as I was searching for information, I came across your site. I was skeptical because it seemed way too easy, but I thought for less than one hundred dollars, I could give it a try on one mole. I ended up trying it on two and a week later they fell off. I couldn’t believe it and neither could anyone else I told. I told my mother and my boyfriend after I put the product on my face and they yelled at me for being so stupid. They said I just burned my skin with whatever I put on my face and when it healed, the mole would still be there. I have to admit, I thought they were going to be right, but I hoped. Well, as you’ve probably heard many times, my moles came off leaving little pink spots where the moles were, and as time passed (about four months now) the pink spots have faded. Unless you look very closely, you cannot see a scar at all. My mom and boyfriend ate their words. They couldn’t believe it and neither could I. I have since purchased another package to do the rest of my face and again had great results. I am so thankful that I found your website. Your product is wonderful and I would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you so much!
Nicole, Nova York
Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for a great product, Wart Mole Vanish! I have just received my second pack in the mail (such fast international shipping!!!) after having great success with the first pack. It has been 2 weeks and a large mole (about 6mm in diameter that I treated is just about to come off. A smaller one I did at the same time has already come off. I have a pink mark underneath, but I guess that will fade quickly. It’s been hard to be patient, but the results are worth it! I’m being very vigilant with the aloe vera application too. I really can’t express to you just how much of a breakthrough this product is. It has the potential to change lives! I know when I’m finished with my treatment and the already minimal scars have faded, I’ll feel like a different person. It may sound strange but this is something that has affected my self-esteem GREATLY since I was about 12. I am now 24, and my only regret is that I didn’t find this product ssoner! It’s just a pity it’s already summer here. It’s silly how much emphasis society puts on looks, but I have felt like such a freak at times and really felt like I was held back in the apprearance department. I’ve felt unable to wear the clothes that people my age generally wear, and feel good in them. For the first time in years and years I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! After finally finding the courage (difficult for fear of being told there’s nothing that I can do) to consult a doctor recently, I was referred to a plastic surgeon, who it turns out I wouldn’t have been able to get even a consultation with for 3 months! I feared the cost, but was prepared to pay whatever I could afford to find at least SOME body confidence. I was desperate! I have my lifelong best friend’s wedding coming up in March, and I really wanted this to be one occasion where I could wear the kind of dress I’ve always wanted to wear. After having no luck finding a plastic surgeon, and my doctor telling me to “just not worry about it”, I came home and cried. I absolutely despaired, I didn’t want to accept that there was nothing I could do. Then, by pure accident, I came across your website, and all of a sudden it was like there was hope! I read through the testimonials and really sympathised with some of the correspondence from happy customers. It’s by far the best result I would get from any procedure, and it’s the cheapest. I’m sorry to write such a long email, but I really needed to share that with someone. You have really changed my life, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. PLEASE don’t ever stop making this product!!! If you’d like to use any of my feedback on your website please feel free, but just use my first initial. Looking forward to this wedding now. I’ll keep in touch... Kindest regards,
G, Austrália.
Muito obrigado!!! 9 toupeiras desapareceram!!! Nenhuma operação, nenhuma ferida, não cicatriz, sem costura. Tomar banho e praticar esportes imediatamente após a remoção de 8 toupeiras era ficção científica antes de eu experimentar seu produto (Wart Mole Vanish). Simplesmente perfeito.
Filipe; Áustria
Jamie, obrigado por este produto (Wart Mole Vanish). Quando eu te mandei um e-mail cerca de 10 dias atrás, eu estava um pouco nervoso com o resultado depois que apliquei em cerca de 17 pintas e marcas de beleza no meu rosto. Eles ficaram escuros marrom ou preto como você disse, mas acho que foi apenas o fato de pessoas me vendo antes de cair, isso me deixou nervoso. Não grande! Em 3 dias um casal caiu e em 7 dias 15 dos 17 estavam fora! Finalmente hoje (dia 11) o maior da minha têmpora caiu, tinha mais ou menos o diâmetro de uma tampa de caneta e era elevado, então demorava mais. Tudo o que resta são algumas áreas rosadas/vermelhas como você disse e im aplicando generosamente pomada antibacteriana. Total eu fiz 17 no meu rosto e 9 no meu peito. Obrigado novamente por este produto! PS-fique à vontade para usar meu e-mails em sua página de depoimentos.
Dave, Connecticut, EUA
Fiquei um pouco nervoso no início ao usar seu produto (Wart Mole Desaparecer). Então, para começar, usei a loção em 1 verruga quando ela caiu depois de alguns dias, usei nos 10 restantes do meu corpo. Todos estão agora nos últimos estágios da fase de crosta e cairá a qualquer dia agora. Estou muito feliz agora e não tão constrangido com essas toupeiras e recomendaria este produto a qualquer pessoa.
Dominic Shepperton, Inglaterra
This product (Wart Mole Vanish) is amazing! I removed 7 or 8 moles with the first box, including 2 large ones on my shoulder. Last night, I used the second box and applied them to over 20 moles. Let me be specific here, when the directions say “a little (cream) goes a long way,” they mean it. Make sure you scratch the mole thoroughly so the cream penetrates, and only cover the mole with enough to cover it. You don’t have to apply a large amount. The cream will penetrate the mole and kill the mole, esentially.
I think, with another purchase of a double-pack, I can remove all the moles that have made me self-conscience over the years and have made me paranoid about skin cancer. Wart Mole Vanish has done wonders for my confidence. Why pay over $100 for the removal of one mole by a dermatologist, when you can buy one box and remove TEN?! To the creator(s) of this product, I don’t think you realize how much of a hero you are. Thank you!
Thanks so much for a wonderful product! I visited the dermotologist to have several moles removed. He quoted me a price of $65 a piece! That would’ve cost me over $1500, so that wasn’t an option. I found your product on the internet, and after following the directions, my moles are now all gone! I am recommending Wart Mole Vanish to my family and friends. Thanks so much!
G. Scaman, Avon, IN, EUA
Olá, só queria agradecer!!!!! Eu tive uma toupeira que debaixo do meu desde que me lembro, tenho pavor de agulhas. eu fui para o dermatologista e ele me assustou pra caralho! Minha família sempre chamei de marca de beleza, mas eu estava tão constrangido com isso, especialmente com meu trabalho vendo tantas pessoas todos os dias. Eu encomendei tudo lá fora online e nada funcionou. Você me fez a garota mais feliz no mundo! Eu literalmente chorei de alegria quando realmente funcionou vinte minutos. Fez exatamente o que você disse que faria. agora eu vou use-o em alguns outros ocultos que tenho. Verruga desaparece REALMENTE funciona sem dúvida! Muito obrigado.
Missy, Portland, Missouri
Comprei o kit Wart Mole Vanish há duas semanas e usei-o em uma toupeira meu estômago para testar o produto, já se passaram duas semanas, destruiu a toupeira e a crosta caiu. A pele parece estar ligeiramente reflexivo e estou me perguntando se isso é normal, foi um rosa mais escuro quando a crosta caiu e agora parece estar ficando mais perto da cor normal da minha pele todos os dias. Escusado será dizer que estou satisfeito com os resultados até agora e encomendei mais 2 kits. estou planejando usei em duas pintas no meu rosto já que essa deu certo (não queria jogar no rosto um produto que nunca experimentei sem testá-lo). Eu acabei de gostaria de saber se posso esperar que esse efeito levemente brilhante desapareça embora nas próximas semanas. Obrigado,
Olá Jason, adoro ouvir isso!!!! Geralmente, cicatriza muito bem, com poucas chances de deixar marcas. Obrigado! Jamie
Jason (Dallas, Texas)
Só queria dizer obrigado. Wart Mole Vanish é absolutamente fantástico!! Tenho uma fobia terrível de agulhas e tenho pintas nas costas e frente que me causa constrangimento e eu não teria coragem de corte-os/exclua-os. Estou tão impressionado e passei seus dados para pelo menos 10 amigos e estou prestes a pedir mais para minha irmã e eu agora. Obrigado, obrigado, obrigado!!!!!
Jackie (Reino Unido)
Recebi o Wart Mole Vanish. Eu só queria te dizer OBRIGADO!! EU economizei dinheiro (e uma consulta médica embaraçosa) por não ter que vá ao médico. Eu removi 28 pequenas manchas com o único frasco que ordenado. Ainda tenho alguns em estado de crosta, mas os que têm caiu já deixou uma leve cicatriz por baixo, o que eu esperava, e teria conseguido de qualquer maneira se eu tivesse ido ao médico. Estou usando uma cicatriz desbota o creme nas marcas, mas prefere cicatrizes leves do que manchas. EU estou ansioso para finalmente estar confiante em um biquíni ou sem costas camisa no próximo verão. Se eu tivesse tirado fotos antes, eu as enviaria. EU sempre fui muito confiante com meu corpo, exceto pelos meus numerosos toupeiras. Espero ter 100% de confiança graças ao seu produto. Sinta-se à vontade para usar meu depoimento em seu site, mas não pessoal informações sobre mim. Obrigado novamente,
Julie (Sacramento, CA)
Muito obrigado por Wart Mole Vanish. Realmente funciona, removi facilmente 1 toupeira grande e 3 toupeiras pequenas. A grande toupeira saiu em apenas 3 semanas. Mais uma vez muito obrigado, seu produto funciona!!!
O. Mora (CA)
I would like to say thankyou. I have had a mole over my eyebrow for several years now that I hated. I also had one on my back and leg that i did not like. I went to a dermatologist which charged me $85 just for a consultation. The Dermatologist told me that he could remove the moles on my leg and and my back but i may have a fairly large scar that may end up worst than the actual moles. As for the one on my face he told me i would not like that scar on my face at all; so he prefered to start with my leg and my back first, then depending on how that healed .I would be able to tell him if i wanted the one on my face removed or not. I would admit I was very scared to try your product due to scaring but within the first 10 mins of using the product my moles had flattened out and dried up. The one on my face dried up first and the actual mole came off leaving a pink scar with a scab. The scab is shrinking. and the pink area is blending into my skin. The Mole on my leg also dried up and fell off just recently but that is still healing. The mole on my back also dried up and fell off leaving a scab. i’m very happy with the progress. I know i have more healing to do so i will keep you posted thankyou!
Candi, Connecticut
Este produto é incrível!! Vou fazer um cruzeiro em julho e o a maioria das toupeiras que eu queria remover desapareceram. eu vou me sentir assim muito melhor agora quando se usa roupa de banho. Eu tenho mais que desejo remover e meu namorado tem um casal que ele gostaria de remover como bem. Ótimo produto… muito obrigado.
GD, Manassas, VA
Vocês são os melhores!! essas coisas realmente funcionaram!! eu garantiria por você para qualquer pessoa sobre este produto, incluindo meu médico! eu tinha uma toupeira no ponta do meu nariz que eu estava constrangido há muito tempo, e dentro de uma semana, a crosta saiu e desapareceu! um pouco de vermelhidão, mas estou claro que vai desaparecer com o tempo e um pouco mais de cura. PRODUTO INCRÍVEL!! obrigado por me salvar a viagem SOB A FACA! ABRAÇOS A TODOS EQUIPE PRISTINA!! OBRIGADO RAPAZES!!
Cristiano Lopez
Coisas incríveis !! Eu removi 3 pintas pequenas e 1 pinta de tamanho moderado de minha cara com seu produto. Hesitei em usá-lo, mas foi fácil, e eficaz. Obrigado,
Eu usei em 6 toupeiras e todas caíram. Ele faz exatamente o que diz. Eu gosto de usá-lo. Obrigado,
D Leon, Filadélfia, PA
Obrigado mais uma vez, ninguém mais oferece este produto e vou lhe dizer, é tirei uma verruga grande do meu rosto em algumas semanas... Tenho 44 anos e estou farto Desde que eu era criança. Sem cicatriz, irreal! Se você precisar que eu faça um depoimento, me avise e eu ficaria muito feliz!
Suz, Flórida
Usei-o em 20 pequenas toupeiras. 4 caíram após 3 dias. Excelente! A++++++++++++
Fiquei maravilhado com seu produto. Realmente funciona, usei em 3 manchas e elas sumiram completamente!
BR, Burlington, KY
O desaparecimento de verrugas e manchas funcionou extraordinariamente bem. Minha mãe me agarrou e me puxou para perto para que ela pudesse ver meu rosto. Ela ficou maravilhada com quão claro parecia. É por isso que comprei uma segunda caixa. É para meu mãe. Ela também tem muitas pequenas manchas no rosto. Mas mesmo removi uma verruga grande que eu tinha no pescoço. É um ótimo produto. Obrigado!
Y.A., Los Angeles, Califórnia
Oi! Jamie. Tenho o prazer de contar minha experiência com seu produto!! Eu era maravilhado!!! Porque eu usei em 21 toupeiras e agora todas sumiram em 3 semanas!!!! TODOS!!! Então comprei mais um e usei 23 moles. (Eu sou ansioso para ver o resultado!!) Vou conseguir um corpo GRATUITO de toupeira para isso verão!! De qualquer forma, MUITO obrigado por tudo. Eu espero que o seu produtos incríveis sejam mais populares e ajudem muita gente!!!! Tenha um ótimo dia!!!
NW, Culver City, CA
Este produto é incrível!! Vou fazer um cruzeiro em julho e o a maioria das toupeiras que eu queria remover desapareceram. eu vou me sentir assim muito melhor agora quando se usa roupa de banho. Eu tenho mais que desejo remover e meu namorado tem um casal que ele gostaria de remover como bem. Ótimo produto… muito obrigado.
GD, Manassas, VA
Usei em 21 moles e agora sumiu!!!21 moles! Eu fiquei maravilhado!!! Obrigado,
NO, Culver City, Califórnia
Olá! Jamie. Desta vez, 23 toupeiras desapareceram! Tudo toupeira! Mesmo grande! Total de 44 toupeiras desaparecidos! ^ ^
NO, Culver City, Califórnia
Essa coisa faz maravilhas com as toupeiras, e sou um cliente exigente! Grande valor!
Kelly F., Connecticut
Love this product, Fast Shipping, Gonna buy more, no more moles!!!!!!!
Ebay Customer
I love this product!!! It really does REMOVE moles!!! Nicest seller ever!!!
Ebay Customer
My mole is completely gone, just a small pink dot which i’m told will fade-great
Ebay Customer
Thank you Jamie! I will keep buying the mole removal product from you until all my moles are gone. I have wanted to get rid of them all my whole life, but it is just so expensive to have them removed in a doctor’s office. I went to a doctor about 8 years ago to find out and I was shocked at the cost. I absolutely love this product that you offer. I cannot thank you enough Jamie for everything you have done for me. You are awesome! Thank you!
Sheri G., Chino , CA
Note: The doctor based the cost on the size of each mole. The smallest mole that I wanted removed would have cost $150 to remove. The largest mole that I have I was quoted at $800 to have removed (it is now about half the size that it was originally after using this product, it was a big mole). But, on average most would cost on average about $200- $400 each to have removed. I was quoted to having to pay about $3,000 total. And I only asked the doctor to quote me on the ones that I really wanted to have removed (I forgot how many exactly, but approximately about 10 moles I would guess, all decent sized ones and large ones), not all my moles. If I had asked for all my moles, I can’t even imagine what it would have cost. It might have been cheaper at a different doctor, I don’t know. I used to live in Oklahoma for a couple of years and I only went to a doctor that was in Oklahoma City , OK . Moles are expensive because of the surgery that the doctor has to perform.
Sheri G., Chino , CA
Subject: amazing results
I’m just about to order my second pot of cream. It took me a while to decide to order my first pot as I was very sceptical about your product at first as it seemed quite expensive and to good to be true. I checked on line for testimonials, but then thought that they could be made up just to sell the cream. I then thought Oh well just go for it, expecting to be riped off. The pot arrived, so far so good, followed the instructions and amazing, it worked. I removed a mole from my face that I had hated for years, as the scab fell off there was a slight pink mark that faded after a week or so. I would just like to reassure people that this product does work and has really upped my confidence levels. Thank You.
Julie, Corn UK
Just wanted to say after all these years of having 4 moles on my face… I used the product and it worked. now I’m very pleased with my face. If it wasn’t for the commercial I saw on TV, I’d never have known about the product.Went online and saw for moles and warts that caught my attention and I’m so glad I bought the product thanks again !!!
Laurene, TX
I first discovered Wart Mole Vanish removal on youtube. Where a guy showed off his face and body moles and how they magically disappeared with the removal cream that he was using with wart mole vanish removal. I was skeptical, since I went to a dermatologist twice to get it lasered off and after when the scabs was ready to come off on its own, to my surprise the mole was still there. I paid hundreds of dollars for the past treatment. I told my friends that Im going to buy a mole removal cream from, they said its a scam that my face is going to get messed up. I took a chance, I paid for my order, using the website and received my mole removal kit in 2 days!. I got started and applied the cream all over my moles on my face, 18 total to be exact. Ranging from tiny to a little less 1/2 less then the size of a dime. Yesterday my scabs started to fall off and some I scratched by accident today. OMG! my moles are gone. These moles have been on my face for almost 27 years, that’s how I am. I couldn’t believe it, after the scab came off, I was a walking poster boy for my friends to buy this product. If you worry about scarring, remember to apply scarring ointments to make it heal better. There are some tiny dips on my face, but I think over time, the ointment and my body will heal it nicely and smoothly. Better then the ungodly sight of a disgusting mole. THANK YOU wart mole vanish for making me build my self-confidence again.
Samuel, Los Angeles
Just want to say this stuff is awesome. I was a lil skeptical at first because i used products like Dermatend, which just kept reforming my mole after 2 weeks dont matter which mole i put it on, so i used this product. Felt a little bit of a sting, but was definatly worth it lol. I have like 5 moles i wanted to get rid of, and 1 of them was by my nose. I was a little unstable at first because the mole went seriously black on my face, n everyone was like “what happened to your mole, see a doctor”, however, a cover with a plaster did the job. 3 days later, mole came off, and 2 weeks later, it was healed with no issues. Done the same with my other moles. All i gotta say is you’ll be stupid not to consider this product over …. like Dermatend. :)
Mubeen, UK
Thanks for the great product! Have tried this on two of my larger moles on my face and have had a fantastic result! I am extremely happy to have finally found a safe and successful option to removing my moles that doesn’t cause scars. And am thankful for avoiding surgery, which I have experienced in the past and have been left with keloid scarring. Have now moved on to some smaller moles. Thanks.
Ivania, QLD Australia
Subject: love ur product!
Message: I just wanted to let u know how much I love your product! I always wanted to get rid of my moles but having them surgically removed seemed out of my reach because of cost.I have many moles, some raised, some flat, all yucky. I especially had one on my right side of my chin that I hated the most because I felt people noticed it the most. I hated pics of me taken on my “bad side”. I would sometimes Photoshop it out of the pic. When I found your product on the internet i was intrigued and skeptical. But I read the testimonials and looked at all the pics. I so wanted to try it!! I showed my boyfriend your website, he was skeptical too. So I promised him that even before I try it on my face, I’d try it on a mole on a part of my body not visible to anyone, JUST IN CASE! I tried it on a small mole on my stomach and a medium sized mole near my armpit. It stung a little but nothing major. And then I couldn’t help myself. I went ahead and did the one on my chin.My boyfriend was a little worried but I felt it would be okay. The hardest part is waiting for the scab to fall off. It just felt like forever. It was hard to go to work with a scab on my face but I think people just thought it was the mole. When it finally came off, I was so happy!!!! Minimal scarring! So happy decided to try it on another mole on my face near my nose & on my cheek, all on the right side! No wonder it was my “bad side”! Those worked out as well. I’m so happy!! I think I’ll try the rest of the solution on some of my other moles and probably buy more! I’ll be MOLE FREE! Thank you so much Pristine Herbal Touch! Aloha,
Michele, HI
I first discovered Wart Mole Vanish removal on youtube. Where a guy showed off his face and body moles and how they magically disappeared with the removal cream that he was using with wart mole vanish removal. I was skeptical, since I went to a dermatologist twice to get it lasered off and after when the scabs was ready to come off on its own, to my surprise the mole was still there. I paid hundreds of dollars for the past treatment. I told my friends that Im going to buy a mole removal cream from, they said its a scam that my face is going to get messed up. I took a chance, I paid for my order, using the website and received my mole removal kit in 2 days!. I got started and applied the cream all over my moles on my face, 18 total to be exact. Ranging from tiny to a little less 1/2 less then the size of a dime. Yesterday my scabs started to fall off and some I scratched by accident today. OMG! my moles are gone. These moles have been on my face for almost 27 years, that’s how I am. I couldn’t believe it, after the scab came off, I was a walking poster boy for my friends to buy this product. If you worry about scarring, remember to apply scarring ointments to make it heal better. There are some tiny dips on my face, but I think over time, the ointment and my body will heal it nicely and smoothly. Better then the ungodly sight of a disgusting mole. THANK YOU wart mole vanish for making me build my self-confidence again.
Samuel, Los Angeles
I would like to say that I am amazed by the effectiveness of your product. I have removed 3 moles to date including one very large one. The unusual bit for me was that the very large one fell off 4 days after applying the product. The areas have healed very quickly and 4 weeks after initially applying the product, the areas are barely noticable(I applied the product exactly as instructed). I have been aware of your product for over a year but did not purchase it as there are other cheaper products that can be bought on line. I can confirm that the cheaper products DO NOT work, and the application methods are timely and frustrating. I am so glad to have found your product, today I have ordered another two of the mole/wart vanish kits; I think that speaks for itself.
Paul, UK
Hi Jamie, I am another hugely satisfied customer. With my second box of WMV, I treated some moles on my face and I was worried about possible scars. Six months later, the very slight marks are still fading and they are 100 times better than the lumpy moles. Your product works *far* better than surgery – I know – I’ve tried both. Thanks SO much. (PS If you’re not a millionaire by now, you deserve to be :-) ! )
C Scotland, UK
Rita, FL
I used this on some moles on my face, and all of them are gone, ALL OF THEM. The smaller ones, you can’t even tell that they exited but the larger ones left a red mark, I hope they fade soon though. This product is great.
John, Corona CA
i was wondering if this product will completely remove moles in one day..or will it take several weeks?
Hi Jason, one 20 minute treatment and then it takes 1-3 weeks or more for the scab to fall off and then a few weeks to several months for the red to fade. Thanks! Jamie
within those few weeks do i have to keep applying the formula and cover the scab with a bandaid? cause i tried somethig familiar to ur product which is called dermatend..and it didnt work on the mole at all..the only thing it gaveme was bruises to my skin from changing the bandaids due to reapplying to foruma.
Hi Jason, just checking to see how long it took for the pink marks to fade after using Wart Mole Vanish? :) Thanks!
the forumla worked perfectly. It took about 2 weeks to completely fade
Jason, Stockton CA
Message: Hello, just wanted to add my testimonial to the mix, given that your testimonial section was where I looked first, to gauge value of the product. I’ve been self conscious of one mole near my temple, and two on my neck for quite some time, 20 odd years to be exact. The logistics involved in getting referrals for skin specialists, then going for more consultations to have them removed was quite difficult with work etc. A few months ago I began the search – coming along your product, I purchased the single pack, to test the theory out. I treated first, the mole on my face, I was quite thorough and severe in the treatment, Its now well and truly gone. The two on my neck, gone…and then I tried it on one last mole under my arm, gone but with an angry red mark (I attribute this more than anything to the tender skin under there) I couldn’t be happier. I’ve just ordered another batch to treat another few. I felt the need to post this testimonial to reconfirm how thorough this product and the application is. Thanks
Daniel, NSW Australia
Un freakin’ believable! THIS stuff is a miracle. Thank you. Easy instructions, minimal pain and awesome results. It’s only been 3 weeks and the area is virtually invisible. Thank you again.
Hi Kathy, I love to hear these great comments!! What did you treat?
I had a mole on the left side of my forehead, which everyone claimed was my ‘beauty mark’. It wasn’t huge, but I wanted it gone. I did the 2 20 min. applications and everything happened just as the instructions said it would happen. The second application was pretty intense, but anything was better than a needle and scalpel….. I’ve been taking a vitamin E capsule and putting the oil on my mark every night and let me tell you, the mark is virtually gone. I’ll be surprised if there’s a scar. All I can say is do what the instructions say and you’ll be more than pleased!
Kathy Day, Alliance, NE
Thank you so much! I used your product on both my husband and myself. It REALLY worked, just as you advertised. I am so glad you have come out with a natural product that we can use in the privacy of our own home. It was quick, convenient and there were no trips to the doctor! Thank you again!
Hi Christi, Thanks so much for the very kind words! I love hearing this! I see you ordered over 2 years ago?! May I ask what you used the Wart Mole Vanish to remove? Jamie
Hi Jamie- Actually yes, we did order a while ago. I had a mole I wanted to remove in a rather private area so I did not want to go to the doctor to have it done, and my husband had two to remove. One of his was in a place where he shaves frequently and was always nicking it. It worked great, we had some left over and I have just kept it back in the drawer. We have just decided to get laser hair removal. They can’t go over moles, and I have one mole that I wasn’t really bothered by so I never removed it, and its in an area where I am getting treatment. So I dug the WMV back out again, and it still worked! I am just waiting for the scab to fall off. I really wanted the mole gone because I have a hair growing out of it and I wanted them to get that hair with the laser. I had 2 other moles I went ahead and removed as well. I think combined we have removed 6 moles, and we still have a little bit left out of the 2 packages that we got. I haven’t tried it on any warts, but it works GREAT on moles. We are very pleased. I should have told we loved it a long time ago, but when I had to use it again it reminded me. I wanted to give you another testimony to put on the website so people aren’t skeptical about the product. After all, how can a natural product remove moles in one 20 minute treatment in your own home? I don’t know how, I just know it does! Thank you for a wonderful product!
Christi & Damian Barton, NV
I’ve tried other mole remover products, but I can truly testify that wart and mole vanish truly works. I used the product, as directed, and within 3-4 days my moles came off my face, with no side effects. I am very happy with the results and healing has been fast with the aid of Vitamin E oil, of course. Your product truly works and with fast results. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends, family, etc. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!!!!
Monica, VA
Thank you for writing me back!! So…the mole is gone. I guess my body just was getting rid off it this way. My skin is healing lovely now. Amazing. Thank you so much. I never thought I could solve this skin problem this easily!! I was looking for laser removal on line and accidentally crossed your site. So, thank you!!!!! Sincerely..
Sharka, San Francisco, CA
OMG! This stuff is AMAZING!! I had a mole under my nose and on my forehead…both are gone!! and everything happened just as the directions said it would. Now where the mole was on my forehead is now a slight pink mark. The one that was under my nose has a slight indention and is red, but hopefully that will go away soon right? Im just so happy i found something that would work. I was really nervous to try Wart Mole Vanish but im so happy i did. But i do have one question….what is the chance of the mole coming back?? Thank you guys so much!
Amanda, Rome, GA
Hey Jamie, Wanted to let you know I am rapt with the product. It has worked wonders on my moles/freckles. I have had very expensive/painful laser on the same spots with no results.
Peter, Melbourne, AU
Dear Jamie, I would just like to say thank you so so much for this absolutely outstanding product!!! I have a vast majority of moles all over my body and am very self-conscious about them, especially the ones on my face, which i hate. I also used to get really embarrassed on holiday with my friends and family when i had to take my top off to go swimming. Now thanks to this incredible product i cant wait to go travelling in a few months and get down onto the beach and have a great time without feeling conscious of myself and what other people are thinking. You have really changed the way I feel about myself, and it even allows me to wear t-shirts with confidence. Really looking forward to the beach now!! I have ordered a few packages and will be buying more to finish off these moles. This product really has changed me, I am now alot more confident with myself!! Thank you again so much!!!!
James UK
I would just like to say this product is amazing. i successfully removed 3 visible moles on my face with no scarring left behind. will definitely be buying this again to remove further moles from my body :D
Steph – Devon, UK
I just really wanted to say thank you for such a great product. I bought a bottle of your product about a year ago. It worked so great! Every mole I applied it to is gone, and hasn’t grown back! I was so embarrassed by those ugly things, and now I don’t have to be. I’ve had moles surgically removed before, and they left these huge, gross, bumpy scars, that are almost just as embarrassing. I looked online for the cost of getting more removed when I found your product, which was much cheaper and more convient. I was nervous paying the price, if it didn’t work. But I’m back today to order more for new moles I’ve developed. Really, this product is just so amazing! It worked so great, and I’m so much happier now. I was able to remove about 30 moles with the last bottle (yes, some were small). And I just can’t wait to use this stuff again. Thank you!
April, Pueblo CO
For my teenage year i have been self conscious and withdrawn, i have lost boyfriends and friends because i cannot look them in the eye. All because of a medium sized mole on my face. So a few weeks ago i decided enough was enough and looked into having it cut out by a plastic surgeon, i was warned of keloid scarring, which is meant to be especially common in younger people such as myself. Disappointed, i searched the internet trying to find any last hope, and there it was, wart and mole vanish. As a last hope i ordered it, just over a week later it arrived and i immediately used it. I followed the instructions carefully, and here i am 9 days after the application of wart mole removal, and i am very pleased with what i see. I wont lie, it has been very tempting at time to pick off the scab and it seemed like time had stopped, but the scab finally fell off today and the mole is gone, its pinkish as it is meant to be and i am applying vitamin E oil to it constantly and all is going well, if this clears up soon i will be the happiest girl alive, but all in all i am very impressed and would recommend this product to anyone and everyone. This product honestly has changed my life and from the bottom of my heart i truly thank you for helping me get my life back.
well im delighted to say it actually worked and after 5 weeks my scab finally fell off! it was taking so long to come off i was beginning to think the mole was still going to be there but its gone FINALLY! there is a round red scar but thank goodness its flat and not raised like another scar from a mole i had removed at the derm. i know with time though it will gradually fade and become neutral. id much rather have that than a raised scar or an ugly mole on my i can actually wear a bathing suit without trying to hide it. thank u so much and wow, i finally dont have a mole on my back. wow, and for once, something ive ordered on the internet actually worked!
Hi Shannon, love to hear this! The red mark is not a scar and will fade in a few weeks to several months, hopefully. :) I will post your great comments on our website ASAP, with your permission of course?! Do you have any photos? Thanks! Jamie
oh good its not a scar and yes u may use my comments for your website. im sorry though i dont have any photos,my camera isnt working right now but if i can get it back to work ill send you some!
Shannon, TX
I just received your product last night and used it immediately. I’ve tried everything from acid to lasers. Nothing has worked. Your product is promising. My moles look like they have reacted. I’m sooo excited, I ordered 3 more twin packs today. If this works I’ll be forever greatful. I am also blessed with freckles (LOTS of them). Do you have any wonder product to rid my skin of those?
Sherri T., TN
I was going to call your customer service number but I never have time to call when you are open. I wanted to thank you very much for your product. It was hard to buy because I’ve never heard of you but your before and after pictures were so amazing that I was willing to try it. It was still hard after I bought it because the two moles that I HAD were near my nose. It has been less than one month and you can’t tell that there was anything ever there. It looks like a pimple that i popped on my face and i’m waiting for it to heal. I really wish that i took before and after pictures but I was so embarrassed, which i don’t know why, to ask someone to take my picture. Anyway, I can’t express to you how grateful I am that you came out with this product, I wish I knew about it years ago.
Thanks, Leah, Opp, AL
Imagine the ugliest, porous, raised mole that looks an awful lot like a black fly landed on your nostril… and died. That’s what my mole looked like and it had bothered me for YEARS!!! As a print model, imperfections such as a witch’s mole deters photographers from working with you. Airbrushing every picture costs time and money. It started out small, then it got bigger every year. Makeup couldn’t hide it!
For my New Year’s Resolution, I promised to do something about it. The dermatologist estimated a down-time that was just not acceptable. Out of desperation, I ordered Your Wart & Mole Vanish. I guess I was so giddy, I sanded the mole too hard. OUCH! But it helped the cream penetrate. I anticipated more pain, but it was only a slight sting. The first day, it looked scary! (I highly recommend placing yourself under house arrest for the first 2 days if you’re treating a large mole on your face.) On the 3rd day, the scab shrank. By the first week, the scab was lose and fell off while I was washing my face. I was able to attend an award ceremony 8 days after initiating treatment with only a miniscule mark to cover up!!!!!
I wouldn’t have trusted my face with any other product. If I see any woman with an ugly mole, I’ll pin her down and apply Wart Mole Vanish! She’ll thank me later!
Megan from Las Vegas, NV
I just wanted to drop you a note about wart mole vanish. I had two moles on my face that really affected the way I lived. One was at the beginning of my eyebrow at my inner eye, the other on the right side of my chin. They were both about the size of a pencil eraser. They were part a big part of my profile so I didn’t even want anyone taking pictures of me because of them. It affected how I interacted with people as I was always aware of them. These two little things affected the way I felt about myself. I ordered your product some months back and I have to admit I didn’t really think it would work. Within days these two anomalies that had been dictating how I had been living my life for years,.. were just gone!!!! No one could believe it,.. I mean moles aren’t supposed to be able to be removed without surgical removal so says everyone!! But now I know better!!! I have just reordered because I have a few more (one on my neck that has driven me crazy for 20 years and three new ones that appeared on my leg after ridding myself of the ones on my face!!! I also have ordered the mountain papaya because I obviously have a compromised immune system for me to have these moles to begin with. Anyhow I just want to say THANK YOU!!! and I will let you know how we progress with the next treatment.
Lisa, Osterville MA
I had to say I was a bit skeptical about any mail-order products because I’ve had surgery (left a small but noticeable scar) and laser surgery (not very effective, needs multiple treatments) so the cream was my last resort.
I tried your product on a noticeably raised mole at the base of my neck which was hidden from view but bothered me. All the symptoms occurred, a stinging sensation and a scab… after 10 days the scab rubbed off and there was NOTHING there. No trace except for pinkish mark where the scab was. I am sold. I wish I never paid for the laser treatment as this was so much more effective. I have a number of smaller moles on my face I will be reordering to treat but I just have to say you can’t go wrong here for the cost of one treatment of a laser that to me is ineffective.
Kimo, HI
I live in the UK and saw the advert for your mole remover on the web, went back to it several times thinking this stuff is to good to be true, then thought what the hell if it works it’s got to be worth a try so decided to buy the double pack as i have several moles that i dont like. The order was through in 5 days and thats all the way to the UK from the States, pretty impressive. I decided to start with just 4 moles to see what happened, well i just cant believe the result from the day i started in just 10 days from start to finish they have totally gone, this stuff is unbelievable and would reccomend this to anyone who is in doubt. Out of my moles, 3 where raised and fairly large and one small and flat and now they are gone totally in just 10 days. I cant thank you enough, this has changed my life in the sense that i can wear backless tops for the summer with comfidence. I would reccomend this to anyone and everyone who needs it.
Michelle G., UK
Hi there, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! I had so many moles on my arms, and have been too embarrassed to wear tank tops all my life. However, since discovering Pristine Touch wart and mole vanish, I have successfully removed 10 large moles from my shoulders with just one treatment. I am just so happy! There are some small red marks left, but it has only been a few weeks since the initial application, and everything is coming along so well. Thanks so much- I will definitely+ be purchasing more in the future!!! xxxx
Anna, Australia
I had a bloody mole on my lower lip for over 10 years and never thought I could get rid of it. I tried your product and in 30 minutes the scab was formed and in 10 days the scab was gone. And gone with the mole which had bothered me for so long! I’m so grateful to this product. I’m so happy now with smooth lips. And I used the rest of the product for the syringoma on my forehead and it worked, too. What an easy and convenient way to treat the moles and Syringoma!
Linda, MO
I did not believe that this stuff would actually work but I had 16 moles on my face so I figured what the heck. Pay the doctor $75 each to remove them or give this stuff a try. It totally worked. Thank you so much for this product. I have recommended this stuff to everyone that I know. Thanks again.
Tonia, AL
Mentally I have suffered and was always embarrassed of the moles on my body. I have tried everything, surgically, medically, and naturally. I never had much luck with permanent removal. When I discovered the WMV website I felt optimistic. At the same time I wasn’t sure if I could trust a product offered on the internet for this purpose. Either way, I went for it and got 2 boxes and the papaya. Immediately I tried it and was successful in removing the smaller ones (including 4 which had mild atypia, which is the starting stages of cancer). I tried to take out the larger ones first, but had no luck. I spoke with a gentleman (for which I was embarrassed) during the day shift to ask why. This man was very nice and understanding. He guaranteed this product. Unfortunately for me I had used practically all of the 2 packages I purchased. Being a broke college student I couldn’t afford to buy any more. So this guy immediately offered me another package for free, and I’m positive that my warranty ran out. This man not only knew the science of mole removal but he also gave me another package of the cream for free. I never spoke with a person(especially from a company I discovered online) who was this kind, knowledgeable, and had total confidence in his company.s product. Not only this, but I received the product in like 2 days. I had positive results immediately. Now that I am more knowledgeable I tried new ways of removal and have been successful at least 80% of the time! For those that are still on my body, they are way smaller and don.t even bother me anymore. I am much more confident now. Thanks so much for everything!!! This is truly an amazing product!
Hi David, I really appreciate getting these kind of comments!! I so glad it worked out this good for you. With your permission I would like to post all or part of this on our website!? Thanks again and take care!
yes you may, although you might want to spell check. Also, I would rather my name not be shown, but you can make up one. I also know that this company will be in every grocery store in the nation within 5 years, just keep on promoting, it is a wonderful product. Thanks again! Sincerely,
David, PA
I ordered your product for the first time three weeks ago. The number of moles I “HAD”, had increased dramatically since my children were born, especially around my neck and shoulders. Your product is the answer to a prayer. For years I have lived, summer and winter, in turtle necks and high collar shirts to cover my neck. Pristine Herbal Touch worked exactly like your website claims. I am so happy with the results and plan to order more very soon. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to rid their body of unsightly moles. I have gotten rid of all my turtleneck shirts. I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing product. Also, my daughter has been bothered by a planters wart on the sole of her foot. She likes to wear high heeled shoes and had all but given them up due to the pain from the wart. Two applications of Pristine Herbal Touch and the wart is gone. It is absolutely amazing. This is definitely a miracle product. Again, we can’t thank you enough! Sincerely,
Debbie Swogger, SC
Hi- Just wanted to thank you for this product (Wart Mole Vanish) I found your product while looking for the castor oil and baking soda treatment, which by the way I tried on a fairly large mole on my face near my upper lip and after a month of applying 3 times a day and keeping covered with band-aids, I really didn’t see anything happening. So when my dad ordered your product for a few skin tags, which by the way were all gone within 4 days, so I decided to try it as well…Amazing! I have used Wart Mole Vanish on the large mole and 6 other smaller ones, I cannot believe how fast it works! All the smaller ones have flat black scabs and very little pinkness around them, the larger one on my face scared me at first- it didn’t go flat, it became much larger and black, I thought omg what have I done to my face! I put Neosporin on it and within a couple hours it was shrinking and healing up nicely with nearly no redness around the area. I can’t wait until it falls off! I have soooo many family members that want to try your product…they are waiting to see my results on MY face first! Will keep you posted on results. Thanks again.
The scabs all came off and NO MARKS, unreal!
Jamie Ruff – Hamburg, MI
I love this product (Wart Mole Vanish) this is my third batch of it and it works awesome. I hated all the freckles and moles and now they are GONE!!!! THANK YOU!
Yes, you sure have my permission as long as my phone number or personal info is not released. I plan to buy some more this week! The small freckles actually came off easier then moles and faster and left NO trace of ever being there. Please let me know if you run any specials on wart mole vanish. This is a much cheaper and convenient way to remove these. But every penny counts when you have two children. I did even use this on a decent size mole my 8 yr old had on her forearm and so far so good. She dealt with the stinging better then I did. Then again I’m a big baby. Thanks alot Jamie! Congrads! On your successful achievement.
Kim, WV
I treated 2 moles and 1 skin tag with your product. The skin tag was pretty small. One of the moles was 1/4 inch wide and raised 1/4 inch. The second mole was half the size. I just wanted to say thank you very much for making this product!!! I felt extremely self conscience about 2 moles on my head for years. I actually had a couple incidents at the hair salon where they hit my moles so hard with the comb I started bleeding. It took me a couple months to make the decision to buy your product and I am so glad that I did!!! I thought I was going to have to live with these moles forever and now they are gone. The stinging sensation from the cream was very minor. The scratching of the mole surface was very easy. The hardest thing by far about this entire process is being patient and waiting for everything to heal up but it was definitely worth every penny. Thank you!!!
Kelly-Anne, Norriton, PA
I did not believe that this stuff would actually work but I had 16 moles on my face so I figured what the heck. Pay the doctor $75 each to remove them or give this stuff a try. It totally worked. Thank you so much for this product. I have recommended this stuff to everyone that I know. Thanks again.
Tonia, AL
Subject: birthmark removal
I have a birthmark on my face. I already removed one with this product. This product is the best!
Bunlin, RI
I ordered your product Wart Mole Vanish a few weeks back and tried it, had a bump on my nose for close to 15 years that I hated. It’s gone, no scar, it worked just like you said it would. THANK YOU! P.S. you may use this message.
Fred Evans – Grass Valley, CA
Greetings, I just wanted to make comments on your product. I have had a few skin bumps on my face for a few years and it was really becoming uncomfortable. I was able to cover them with make up but, I knew they were there. I bought your product for purely cosmetic purposes and gave it a try. I knew it would work as I read your entire web site about three times before I made my purchase. Long story short, the bumps were removed within 5 days. It first turns black, shrinks, scabs and starts to dry out. It does make the surrounding skin a bit red, but it subsides gradually. I used Neosporin, and a skin serum of Vitamin E, Evening Primrose oil and Boruga Oil daily and it made the scab heal sooner. You have an amazing product, which I personally do not want to be out of stock of. I can see how the Dermatologists would benefit from having this product in their office and if they don’t use it, it is because they don’t want such harsh competition. I love this product and have ordered more for my family and friends. Thank you.
S.S. – Miami, Florida
Hi just a quick note…I bought your product for my sister in law who had what was called a pre- cancerous growth on her face. She had it frozen off 3 times but it always came back. It was gone with one application of your product. Also purchased some for my neighbor, an elderly man who had, I guess like cauliflowering? on his nose. It removed it an literally gave him a new nose. There was no scaring at all.
Terry, NM
Jamie, I just wanted to let you know about my experience with your product and your customer service. I purchased WMV from you about a month ago. I had a problem with the product ( the vial came out of the container and some of the liquid spilled out), and I contacted you concerning that.Your customer service was EXCELLENT! You promptly responded; you were courteous and understanding, and you immediately sent me another one. Your product was pretty amazing too! It burned like crazy (I think I scratched too deeply), but it did exactly what you said it would do. I noticed, from your feedback, that the main complaint about your product was the scarring. Allow me to give you some advice on how to minimize that. I found great success with daily applications of peroxide, Neosporin, and Mederma Skin Care for Scars. (found in drug stores) In the morning, I cleaned the burn with peroxide, allowed it to dry, and then applied the Mederma. In the evening, I cleaned it with peroxide, and followed with Neosporin and a Band-Aid. After two weeks, I had only a small, pink blemish about the size of a pin head. I am very pleased with the results; and I am confident enough to use your product on my other blemishes. Thank you for a very positive experience with your product, and your company!
Therese McNeely
hi there, i used the cream about two and a half weeks ago on three moles two that were very close together almost touching and all i can say is it worked just as you described!! i did scratch the first mole a little hard and it started to bleed a bit but that soon stopped so i applied the cream and the mole turned black within minutes , the stinging was quite mild aswell. i waited untill the next night to apply to the other two moles and the same thing happened again, how easy!! the scabs formed and after about 9 days the moles and most of the scab fell off in the shower but left a little bit of scab still on the pinkish tissue. i applied bio oil which has vitamin e in it and is made for scars and the rest of the scabs fell off a couple of days later, all i can say is this is an amazing product and really easy to use, the pinkish marks where the moles used to be are fading every day, i was a bit nervous at first about using your product but all i can say is i will definately be getting this product again. i still have a little bit of the cream left which i will use before i get more, but i have a few more moles to get rid of, this is an amazing product and i would recommend it to any one! i only wish i had taken some before and after photos but my camera was broken, please feel free to use this on your site and thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Adam, Thanks so much for the great testimonial!!! I’ll post this ASAP. Where on the body were the moles? Pics would have been nice. Jamie
hi jamie, 2 of the moles were on my stomach and 1 was on the right side of my chest! really sorry about the pics i should have borrowed a camera from someone! i have about 4 more moles which i want to remove and i will make sure i take before and after pics for you with these ones! thanks
adam, uk
Jill, Denver CO
I just recently used your product and I have a few questions on healing time and outlook. I treated four areas on my face. Three of the four have healed well and the areas are clear. However, one of the areas I treated I knew was going to be problematic. I had a mole on my nose that was quite large (1/2.) and deep. I knew there was going to be a possible problem with it causing a crater and presently there is one. The first 2 treatments were 7/24/06 and the scab fell off about a week later. What I wanted to know is a) will the crater area eventually fill in and b) if so how long will it take? Thanks,
Hi George, yes it should fill in. The time will depend on how deep it is and your bodies healing ability. A few weeks to several months or more. Use pure vitamin E oil a few times a day as this will help. George, do you have any photos, before and after? :) Thanks!
Jamie: No I don.t have any photos. I.m one of the few people who do not have a digital camera. I will admit it is amazing how quickly your product works. I had previously gone to a dermatology office and had another large mole removed as well as some pre cancerous moles. The physicians. assistant said there was nothing I could do with regard to the one on my nose except cut it off. That didn.t seem like a good option in my case. So far, your product has eliminated the mole. I.m looking forward to it not being noticeable at all.
Jamie: I wanted to give you a follow-up with regard to my use of your Wart Mole Vanish product. Back in June of 2006, I first visited a dermatologist to have not only a few moles addressed but an area of concern on my upper lip. At the time, I had four moles on my face that I wanted to have removed. I went to a local physician.s office expecting to see a doctor and have my face checked out. Instead of having a doctor examine me, a physician.s assistant did the examination. I had one large mole on my jaw line and nose and smaller ones on my upper cheek and lower eyelid. After discussing things with the PA, it was decided that I would only have the one on my jaw line removed with a razor. Additionally, a biopsy was performed on the area on my upper lip.
While my face was healing I came across your product and was quite intrigued. Upon my follow-up visit to the dermatologist, I asked the PA if there was any other way to have the mole on my nose removed other that surgically. I was told no. However, I knew different.
I decided to purchase your product mostly to have the large ¼. mole on my nose removed. Although the mole had been noticeable for quite a while, it seemed to be getting larger in size over the years. I knew going in that there was a chance for scarring as a result of the treatment. However with the amount of time I spend outdoors, skin cancer was a major concern. Thus I opted to take a chance on having a scarred nose rather then wonder of the prospect of having most of it removed in the distant future.
The mole on my nose wasn.t like most moles. None of the examples on your company.s website looked anything like it. It was big, circular and felt fluid filled, almost like a large pimple. I had a feeling that it would not react the same way as other moles. And I was right.
I started treatment on July 24th, 2006. I had four areas that I was treating; the mole on my nose, the ones on my eyelid and upper cheek as well as a raised area about ½. under my left eye. Everything went well, but because of the burning sensation, my eye was tearing up and washing the ointment onto the skin below. It burned the skin below the mole and I was able to quickly remove the diluted liquid with a Q-tip. Fortunately, the mole on my lower eyelid was gone within four days and the area below healed within a week.
The mole on my nose was a different story. It almost imploded overnight. Within the second day, it was almost flat. Though, a few days later it started to ooze. After a week, the scab fell off leaving a large divot in the place of the mole. I applied both bacterial ointment and vitamin E to the egregious area. It soon started to form a second scab. Within two weeks, the second scab fell off leaving a pink crater. I kept applying the vitamin E over the next two weeks as the crater shrunk in size. It has been seven weeks as of today (9/12/06) and the mole in no more. The area on my nose is slightly indented and has minimal scarring. The color around the treated area is back to normal. The negligible scarring is far better than the former protruding mound. I would certainly recommend your product to anyone who feels a need to have their moles removed.
Thank you and your product for living up to my expectations. Sincerely,
George, Atlanta
Thank you so much for this wonderful product. The testimonials are what sold me. I ordered the Wart Mole Vanish on Wednesday 11/2 and received it on Friday 11/4, very impressive turn around time. The product works EXACTLY as you say it will and I’m sold for life. I am in the scabbing phase right now. Two medium sized moles are about to fall off from under my left eye, you can not imagine how this makes me feel. I was thinking about calling my DR. last week but I’m glad I didn’t because it would have been much more expensive. I will let as many people as possible know about this AMAZING product. Thanks again!!
P.S. Please use my testimonial. :)
Jamie, My scabs fell off this morning!! This is exactly one week after I applied the cream. I now have a pinkish color mark where the moles were. This will soon fade to my normal skin color in a couple of days. It reminded me when I was younger and would fall and scratch my knees and I would get scabs from the bruises and in a few days the scabs would fall off and I would heal completely in a few days. This really, really works just as you say it will! I have three small moles on my neck that I will take care of tonight!! Again, thanks so much for a WONDERFUL product!!
K. Elom – Fayetteville, GA
Jamie, I purchased 2 boxes thinking I will need several applications to remove a large mole on my eyebrow (it looks like a third eye!) I was amazed that it worked with only ONE application! There’s no scar, the skin area was pink and slowly fading so that it’s hard to tell there was ever anything there.
There’s still some topical cream left in the first box. I let my friend try it on a mole and she is also very happy with the result. We, now she doesn’t need the 2nd box I tried to sell her! I will tell everyone about this amazing product. You saved me a trip to the doctor to get my third eye removed! Thank you so much! I’m forever grateful. Sincerely,
Joy Triplett, CA
Hi just letting you know that your product is great it has removed 10 moles from my chest neck and back and one the side of my face next to my ear its so good i think im going to have to get some more for the last few that remain. Thanks
Steve, Australia
Hi! Just wanted to thank you folks for such a remarkable product. Never in my life have I ever witnessed a natural procedure doing a better job at removing three smaller moles in my face than surgery. I had a mole removed on my back last year with conventional surgery and the scar is very noticable. The dermatologist actually recommended not removing the ones from my face, as she was afraid of possible scars. I just had to try your treatment and it DID work! Wow! The only thing was, that the stinging sensation was a little more than “moderate”, its more like “strong”, but it tapered off after 10 minutes and everything else happened just as expected. I am now 3 weeks past the treatment and everything is healing up nicely. Thanks again for developing this and keep up the good work!
Mark T., Toronto, ON, Canada
I just wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with your product. I’m amazed. This stuff actually works! I’ve removed four moles -including a very large mole on my neck – and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again.
G. Bailey – Latonia, KY
My 2 moles are gone. I had to treat the same skin tag 4 times so I wasted most of the jar because I did not scratch it enough. But overall, this is a pretty cool product.
Sally, Tucson AZ
Olá Jamie, Só para avisar que recebi o WMV no sábado manhã e apliquei em 10 pintas, 3 das quais estavam no meu rosto e tinham 2 todas as aplicações parecem estar indo conforme o planejado. Não parecia muita solução no pote, mas como você disse, vai bem! Eles todos ficaram pretos e começaram a formar crostas. não consegui obter qualquer óleo de vitamina E ainda, mas me recomendaram uma pomada para assaduras chamado Bepanthen que é muito usado e recomendado para recuperação da pele depois das tatuagens onde é muito importante manter a crosta e flexível!. Tirei algumas imagens das 2 toupeiras principais que tenho meu rosto e vou tomar mais um pouco à medida que o tratamento avança. Se eles saia ok, vou encaminhá-los para você com algumas palavras para usar em seu site (precisarei de um endereço de e-mail seu para enviar imagens) vou peça mais WMV em um futuro próximo, pois tenho vários outros moles que gostaria gostaria de enfrentar! Atenciosamente
Dave O, Reino Unido
Testimonial: “I received the shipment promptly after same day shipping as promised. Wart & Mole Vanish worked as promised on my skin tags and moles. I had spent hundreds of dollars on other herbal products and essential oils, and used them for months, with no results and a lot of skin irritation and sleepless nights as well. I burned off five small skin tags on my scrotum on my first trial run. It burned like hell for 15 minutes, but the pain subsided, the skin tags turned dark, fell off in three days, and new, healthy pink skin is growing back. After a week, there are no scars, and I expect re-pigmentation to occur quickly. In the second round with the same jar of cream, I burned off another five skin tags and a small mole in the crotch area. Same great results, and no complications. My only complaint is that this stuff is so powerful that even 2-3 seconds of exposure to surrounding skin will burn the first layer of skin off, and it does burn like hell. Also, I wish there was more cream in every jar, so I can treat more moles. If you can tolerate a little bit of short-term pain, then I can highly recommend Wart Mole Vanish to anyone who is looking for quick results with skin tags and moles.”
Lee, Califórnia
Este produto, Wart Mole Vanish, é absolutamente irreal. eu paguei centenas de dólares para remover manchas porque sou muito constrangido sobre eles. De alguma forma, encontrei seu site e vi o dinheiro de volta garanto e decidi tentar, e fiquei absolutamente surpreso. Eu sou estou tão impressionado e contarei a todos que conheço sobre este produto. Agradecer vocês são demais, vocês são os melhores!!!!
Sarah, ON, Canadá
Uso seu produto há anos. Realmente funciona porque eu tenho um muitas toupeiras para tirar. É muuuito mais barato que um consultório médico Visita. O bom desse produto é que ele não deixa cicatrizes. A pergunta para você, posso comprar ações deste produto? Por favor, me avise. Agradeço antecipadamente,
Ida, Texas
Obrigado por me enviar o produto de substituição tão rapidamente. As toupeiras estão se dissolvendo enquanto falamos. Eu amo seu produto. Eu gostaria que não fosse assim caro. Só compro quando tenho algum dinheiro extra, mas vale a pena isto. Sou ruiva e entre sardas e pintas (do banhos de sol dos simples anos 70) sou bastante (sem trocadilhos) manchado. Obrigado. Seu produto funciona. Você deve estar ganhando muitos $$$$. Bom para você. Obrigado,
Nossa, tenho que agradecer muito por esse produto, Wart Mole Vanish. O a crosta caiu hoje e há uma pequena depressão na pele e está rosa, mas uau, esse produto funciona tão bem, o que tenho agora é definitivamente melhor do que a toupeira que eu tinha antes e que odiava. A cicatriz depois (que ainda não está totalmente curado) é muito menor que qualquer tipo de a cirurgia de cicatriz causaria. Muito obrigado por este produto estou muito satisfeito com meus resultados e com certeza contarei a outras pessoas sobre isso :)
Jenny Richardson
Bem, eu tenho várias centenas de manchas no meu corpo. Não sei por que eu estava abençoado com eles, mas antes da descoberta do seu produto, removê-los envolvia visitas médicas embaraçosas, o que era caro e deixou marcas de pontos desagradáveis. Com o seu produto, é privado, rápido, e fácil de fazer. Dentro de um ou dois meses não há mais nenhum sinal de que uma toupeira foi sempre lá. Eu tinha uma verruga do tamanho de uma moeda de dez centavos nas costas há cerca de um ano e recentemente tentei localizar onde estava e não consegui encontrá-lo. Desejo que eu sabia disso antes. Que tal um depoimento, só desejo mais o produto veio em uma garrafa, o preço é o único fator para se tornar uma toupeira livre. Gostaria que você tivesse um plano em massa ou algo assim. Isso seria um sonho vindo verdadeiro. Mantenha o bom trabalho,
Dear Ken,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you firstly for the first class service provided by your company and secondly, for the product (Wart Mole Vanish) itself. Following our conversation Friday afternoon two weeks ago (when you talked me through the product and how to use it), the cream arrived tne next Wednesday morning, much sooner than I had expected. I used it that very evening and I am overjoyed with the results. My skin has healed beatifully, there was enough cream to tackle more than one “offender” and I still go back and check my reflection, amazed that I am no longer self conscious at bearing my shoulder, but without the need for surgery. Thank you to you & your development team. Vanity is such a silly thing, but it effects us all in some way! My very best wishes, Leanne
Absolutely fine to use my testimonial – I am a business owner & know how vitally important they are. Not really moles – more like growths that developed from scar tissue (one was from a bad teenage spot on my back and the other from a fall I had that left my shoulder with a horrible pink lump on it). They were unsightly though and I hated them – now I can wear my little black dresses with pride! Very best wishes to you & all your team.
Leanne McPherson, Derbyshire, Reino Unido
Este produto é 100 vezes melhor do que um dermatologista remover uma verruga!
BW, Gallatin, TN
Olá Jamie, mal podia esperar para atualizá-lo sobre como estou lidando com isso produtos!!!!! Não consigo encontrar palavras para descrever. Milagre não é suficiente!!! EU já removemos com sucesso mais de 25 toupeiras e mais algumas prontas para uso. Isso deu a liberdade de usar saia e shorts pela primeira vez tempo em anos. Voltarei para mais e no próximo verão devo estar completamente livre de toupeiras. Eu estaria muito interessado em me envolver com este produto no Reino Unido, se houver alguma possibilidade disso.
Helena S.
31/12/06 MIRO, Desplaines, IL
A maior toupeira que cobri há dois sábados agora caiu (naturalmente) e um pequeno acima do grande no mesmo lugar tem também caiu, não consigo acreditar!! Eu tenho estado tão autoconsciente sobre minha pele, especialmente durante minha adolescência, mas sinto muito mais já estou confiante. OBRIGADO, você é uma estrela!
Jennifer, Reino Unido
Eu só quero dizer que ótimo produto (Wart Mole Vanish) você ter. Eu nem sabia que tal coisa existia, mas estava pesquisando internet e cheguei ao seu site. Eu removi muitas pintas do meu corpo e adoro os resultados. Tudo fica um pouco rosado depois das crostas cair, mas está melhorando a cada dia. Eu tinha algumas pintas no rosto sobre os quais sempre tive vergonha, e agora todos eles se foram. Adorei, obrigado novamente! Sinceramente,
H. Webber, Michigan
Não sei dizer quanto custa esse produto (Wart Mole Vanish) trabalhado. Eu tenho manchas planas (tipo 8 no meu rosto, que eu senti que não eram marcas de beleza), e bem, eu estava cético de que realmente funcionaria em Aqueles. Bem, quando vi que você garantiu seu produto, pensei, que diabos, é melhor tentar. Eu posso te dizer isso, eu fui capaz de remova todas as 8 manchas planas, com algumas sobras! Seu produto fez maravilhas pela minha auto-estima e vou contar a todos que conheço sobre isso produtos. Muito obrigado!
Encomendei este produto para ver se funcionaria em vários sinais que eu tive no pescoço, na linha dos lábios e nas costas… Estou realmente surpreso e meio chateado aos médicos que fui consultar antes para removê-los. Todo único médico ou cirurgião plástico queria cortá-los, embora afirmasse que isso deixaria uma cicatriz, especialmente na linha dos meus lábios. As toupeiras eram desapareceu em alguns dias, as áreas ainda estão cicatrizando, mas minha pele está ótima. Não houve danos na linha dos meus lábios! Por que esses médicos não usariam este produto em seus escritórios???
Hi, I have small, flat, black moles on my face. I would like to know whether wmv will work on these moles. Thank you very much. dan,UK 
Hi Dan, Yes, Wart & Mole Vanish will remove small, flat, black moles on your face. Please read instructions carefully and if you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks! 
hey jamie, i have applied wmv 24 hours ago on a small flat black mole. At the moment the mole is even darker, however i dont think theres a scab. It seems like a bit of skin has grown over the mole. Is this normal? Thank you, Daniel. 
Hi Dan, This is normal! The mole should have turned black. The scab will form within a day or so. Please let me know if all is well in a week or so. Jamie —-FOLLOWUP—- Hey Jamie, I’m really pleased to tell you that your product really worked :) I’m so happy witht he result and thank you for your good service. i have a little bit more of the special solution left. so i will just add a bit more water to it and use it again. Thanks again for your fanatastic product ;)
Dan, Reino Unido
Minha filha tinha várias pintas nas costas. Tentamos remover 2 deles. Resultados absolutamente fantásticos. Nenhuma cicatriz. E o pediatra dela havia avisado que as manchas nas costas sempre deixam cicatrizes. Nós temos desde encomendei outro kit e estou removendo dois dela rosto e mais dois nas costas. Até agora estamos na fase de sarna depois apenas 5 dias. Mas tudo parece estar indo bem. Vou relatar de volta. Obrigado por um produto maravilhoso.
Eu só queria que você soubesse que usei este produto recentemente e o os resultados são ‘INACREDITÁVEIS’!!! Este é um produto milagroso e eu consegui para remover mais de 5 moles! Bravo! Você deveria ter este produto disponível no mercado, não apenas na internet. Este produto me salva muito dinheiro para as cirurgias. Eu só tenho que te contar, essas coisas realmente funciona muito bem! Eu gostaria de ter sabido disso ao longo do tempo atrás! Muito obrigado e vou indicar esse ótimo material para todos os meus amigos e família! É ótimo!
Ashlee, Simi Valley, CA
Olá James, eu só queria fazer um depoimento sobre o quão incrível é o seu produto funciona para remover manchas. Eu nasci com uma quantidade anormal de manchas e pensei que nunca me sentiria confortável na pele em que estou até encontrei seu produto. É realmente incrível como uma aplicação de 20 minutos pode remover um tumor na pele que tenho desde o nascimento. Não consigo agradecer-te o suficiente por tudo que você e seu produto fizeram por mim e só podem expresse a outras pessoas para experimentarem este produto porque os resultados são simplesmente incrível. Obrigado novamente,
Craig, Ontário, Canadá

Thanks for your brilliant product, by the way. I can’t find adequate words to describe how great it is. I even used it on my 11 year old son. He had two small moles under his eye (near his nose). At Christmas time we were holidaying at the beach, and as I was applying sunscreen to his face one day I noticed they were getting bigger . I was concerned they might cause problems for him as he got older. That sent me on a mission to discover if it was possible to remove moles non-surgically. I came across your website.

The moles are no problem now. They are gone – along with four others that were on his face. I was concerned he might find the application process too painful, but once he realized the initial ‘burn’ doesn’t get any worse, he was fine. He said it reminded him of a bee sting. And that’s just his story. I’m down a couple of dozen as well! Thanks so much.

FYI, I noticed with my son that when the moles fell off, the skin underneath was almost normal in colour. Within a couple of days we couldn’t see where they had been. Whereas my skin was quite red where the mole had been. It took about eight weeks for the skin tone to even out. Oh to heal as quickly as children!

Brenda, Austrália