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I am absolutely blown over by the results of this product. I followed the directions precisely and even got some wonderful guidance from Ken and Jamie and within about 12 days my scabs fell off on the 7 moles I treated and the process was exactly what your information predicted. A skin tag which I had fell off much sooner after applying the product. Actually within a day or two. I also had a syringoma (which your web site educated me to) and the scab on it fell off within the 12 day period and I honestly am not sure exactly where it was on my neck it has so thoroughly disappeared. I can’t say how appreciative I am of the thorough job you have done with educating us on your web site, SO CLEARLY laying out how to use the product, showing us amazing pictures of what to anticipate and then finally BEING THERE!! It is so very welcoming to be able to talk to a “live” person who listens and is so extremely helpful…and in my experience with your company Jamie and Ken are those two people. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. And just as an aside I did try another product about a year ago which did not work for me and the company provided little to no customer support, so to find this product and the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE was a blessing.
Hi Pauline, wow thanks for the great testimonial!!! This makes it all worth it! What was the other product you tried? Any photos? :) Thanks again! Jamie
Hi Jamie, No photos…not a camera person. Dermatend was the other product and I was really frustrated with their customer service. I could NOT speak to a live person, could only email them and each time I did it took at least 2 days to get a response and the reply just reiterated what they said in their information; it did not answer my question. So when I spoke with you Jamie and then with Ken it was really encouraging. Again I can’t express how appreciative I am. You have a great product and a great company. I’ll be sure to spread the word! Thanks,
Pauline, NC
I am so happy that I ordered WartMoleVanish. I just bought it to see if it really worked. I must say it’s an amazing product. It got rid of the syringoma under one of my eyes. I need more for the other side of my face. I never thought anything would have helped my situation but I was wrong. Thank you so much.
Rosa, CA
Hi, I bought your cream weeks ago and was nervous to use it so waited and finally just applied it to one syringoma near my nose ( I have about 14 around my eyes). I feel comfortable with continuing to use it and so now want to do 3 more around my eyes. My questions are: do i put vit E on right away after treatment or let it dry out first? Do I keep it moist with vit E or should I give it some time to breathe once in awhile? Can I put my regular light fouundation on over healing treated syringomas? Thank you, Sherri
Hi Sherri, I’d let it dry out a little and apply NATURAL (not a synthetic) E oil the next day 2 or 3 times a day. If you must use makeup use an all natural one, ok. Please let me know how it works for your syringoma. Thanks! Jamie
Hi Jamie Thanks for getting back so fast. I just woke up and 4 out of the 7 I treated look great, you can barely even see them- I am thrilled. But as you can see three under my left eye look not so good…do you think we scratched too much or put on too much (they were basically all the same size to start) I have 5 more to treat under the left eye but am waiting in between treatments. You can also see that there is some swelling which I assume is because it is under the delicate eye area. I put oil on and I also put on sovereign silver as an antibiotic and to help healing. Thanks again! Sherri
Hi Sherri, just checking in with you to see how everything turned out with the Wart Mole Vanish? Any after photos? :) Thanks! Jamie
HI Jamie, Thanks for checking in. The ones I did are almost completely invisible, which I did not think was going to happen! I am planning on doing a few more over x-mas break so I will take before and after this time and also send you some pics of the last ones. THANK YOU!!
It was nothing but a very pleasant surprise to have this little annoyance removed, rooted out without a scar, in a matter of a few days. There is another syringoma growing on my face now, but I have no fear – knowing I can zap it with WMV!
Watanabe, Tokyo, Japan
Dear Ken and Jamie,
Attached you will find my truthful (but detailed) account of my great experience with Wart and Mole Vanish.
“Solution for Syringoma” I am a 61 year old worman who had suffered with tumor like growths around the eyes and down the sides of my nose. With each passing year they only increased and looked awful. They were singular and in clusters and even varied in size and depth into the skin. I asked several different doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists. The opinion went from high cholesterol to tumors, to menopause to old age to “I don’t know”. But they were all in agreement on one point: they do look bad. I tried every eye cream on the market, ice packs, hot packs, diet changes, concealers, makeup all to no avail. My sadness and frustration had only continued to grow.
In May of 2005, I visited a dermatologist and he stated that I had the worst case of syringoma that he had ever seen. Before the recommended procedure he told me it would take several procedures and that the results would not be guaranteed. He also stated that they could probably only be reduced in size, not totally eliminated. The procedure produced about a 10% improvement. I decided to discontinue this avenue of treatment due to the unsatisfactory results and really high costs.
We began to search the internet for information on syringoma condition treatment. I discovered the website for and read about the Wart and Mole Vanish and thought it sounded too good to be true.
After reading about the product I decided to try it. I called in June 2005 and spoke with Jamie who was so helpful, knowledgeable, and gave me specifics on proper usage of the product. I placed an order and it shipped that day and arrived in 3 days.
I had someone help me apply the treatment and it is much easier to apply it properly with a helper. If the “patient” pulls the skin back the spots are easier to see to apply. We were able to treat 60-70 spots with the first kit. We used all of the cream in the first application. The scabs formed and came off as they should . about 10 days. I noticed a GREAT improvement after my first treatment! The larger spots were released 50-60% and most of the smallest ones were gone completely. The next month, July, I ordered a second treatment from Ken. We applied it, scabs came and fell off. Then I saw a 75%-80% reduction in the spots. My hopes began to soar!
About two months later, I decided to go for a 3rd treatment. I am so glad that I did. Now I am experiencing a 97%-98% overall improvement with no scarring or spots and a totally smooth (to the finger tip touch) skin around the eye and nose area.
With each treatment I saw greater results. This product DOES WORK. It is a Godsend! It is truly worth every penny. I have spent less on these treatments for this product than I did for one dermatologist visit and procedure. I am an allergy prone person and live in pollen laden East Tennessee. I had no problems at all with this product.
After so many years of frustration, suffering and misery, I now know happiness, peace of mind and confidence because of this product.
P.S. Please feel free to ask Ken or Jamie any and all questions or concerns about this product. They are so knowledgeable and helpful.
J.L. Tennessee