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Genital Warts

I have just applied the product as per instructions to 1 skin tag and 2 raised genital warts. I reapplied to all 3 areas twice. All 3 immediately stung and turned black, but did not fall off. Is this normal or should I continue to apply until the large majority of the tag/ wart is gone?? 1/24/07
Kristin, No, the treatment is complete. It can take 1-3 weeks for the scabs to fall off.
Thanks. Jamie
One word…. GONE!!!! Amazing!! I would have paid double for this amazing product!! Thank you sooooo much! 2/13/07
K. H., Rock Springs, WY
I just wanted to say that Wart Mole Vanish worked for me. I had genital warts for 18 months, making my life hell. I tried everything, Liquid nitrogen, laser, leep, podophyllin. I also took tons of vitamins which didn’t make any difference. Finally, I ordered WMV and 2 months later I am free from warts. Great product thanks.
Philip 22/8/2007
I was very happy with how the product removed my genital warts exactly as advertised. I applied wart and mole vanish just as the directions said,except I used neosporin 4 times a day after the initial application. I’m pleased to say that in exactly two weeks from the initial application my genital warts had vanished with no pain,bleeding or scarring!! I would highly recommend wart and mole vanish for male genital warts. I also have a large mole I’m going to try it on,I anticipate that it will work just as well. I’ll let you know if it does. Thank You Wart and Mole Vanish!!!
“John Doe”, ME
Message: This website seems so unbelievable that I am almost offended. I have a hunch that your product is very ineffective and let’s just say that somebody did have genital warts????? Come on. I am a nurse and it doesn’t take a nurse to know that some herbal product can’t cure that. How do you sleep at night? 12/10/06
Hi Michelle, Hundreds of thousands of people have used Wart & Mole Vanish to safely and effectively remove their warts, moles and skin tags. Please follow the instructions and important notes at and view the demo for moles at And view the photos at Produces Natural Cauterization The cell tissues of warts, moles and other skin disorders are burned by the natural components derived from the herbal extracts found in Wart & Mole Vanish. Produces similar results as Electro-cauterization, but without anesthesia Causes destruction of wart or mole to the root within 20 minutes after a single application (certain types of warts and moles may need more than one application) Dried up lesions fall off in 1-3 weeks Minimally invasive. Unlikely to scar unless scab is disturbed or removed prematurely or unless a secondary infection occurs. Whenever attempting to manipulate or change the dermis one should expect that a blemish or scar may result. In most circumstances the use of the product will result in a minor and temporary blemish that normally fades away within 90 days. Order now at Thanks! Jamie
1/8/07 The product worked great I have to say. Thank you!
Michelle Lafontaine, Windsor, ON CANADA
I used your product today for the first time on a genital wart about the diameter of an eraser head. After the first application, it didnt completely turn black so I applied another application. Now it is completely black and it’s like its raised up. Does this sound normal? I just want to make sure I used your product correctly. Thank you.
Hi Paul, yes that sounds like it is working good. You can always call us at 800-395-8401. Thanks!
Thanks. I read the instructions again. After about 20 mins…part of the wart came off with a cotton swab. Then I applied one more treatment and it is a solid black now. Guess just wait now….
please let me know how it turns out. Thanks! Jamie
Worked as advertised, thank you!
Paul, ID
wanted to contact you to tell you thank you. i have been dealing with veruca warts on my genitals for about 5 years. After several procedures, dermatologist appointments, over the counter, etc. WMV has cured me of these most embarrassing warts. Amazing, I thought i would have to live with these forever. Thanks you. PS i only wish that there was more contents in the shipment.
Brad, Costa Mesa CA
Hi Jamie..? I just bought your product last thursday and arrived today. Ow…I am really really are my life saviour..!! my hero.. I have drowned in embarrassment and desperation so deep. I dont have enough money to go to doctor. dont have any health insurance..and I am embarassed to my made me crazy..and also our sexual life..of course.. I have many genital warts..I tried other products like oil that applied 3 ties a day..but it’s BS.. When I bought wart mole vanish I kept the good thoughts.. And then today I applied your hurts soooo bad..cant tell how hurt it is.. But after that..magic..Oh My started to peel off.. So now I bought 2 more and hopefully all of them will be gone forever.. Oh you are an angel sent from heaven I think… I wish you all the best and luck and happiness in the world.. My pray is for you.. Hopefully I will be free from wart forever.. God bless you
NN, San Diego
I just wanted to say that I ordered your product (Wart Mole Vanish) with skepticism, knowing that I had tried everything in the world to remove genital warts and nothing ever worked. Until I found you all and I absolutely can not believe the outcome. I am amazed, it worked like a dream well more like a miracle. I have absolutely no clue why this product is not on an infomercial and advertised everyday. Everyone needs to know about this product, especially for those of us with HPV. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime.
Stacey, Frankfort, KY
Jaime, I was quite skeptical when it came to treating my genital warts and products offered on the internet. much to my surprise and relief, Pristine did exactly as promised! I am incredibly satisfied with the results…further, thank you for your kind words and advice, I appreciate your service and the product… here is to your continued success!
Jim Miami, FL
I have to say when I read the testimonial from the guy with genital warts it scared me alot but God it was all right. I wish some how I could work in some way for you and your company. This product is amazing. You got a job for me =o)
Michael, NC


I am looking at your product and I think this may work for my 1 and only genital wart. I have literally tried everything for about 7-8 months now and absolutely nothing has worked. I must have an extremely stubborn wart or it’s just that those other products don’t work. It is extremely embarrassing to me to have this and all this frustration is making me depressed since nothing seems to work. My question to you is will this product work? It’s not a very big wart, in fact some days you have to look a little harder to see it. Nevertheless it is still there. My other question is if I put your product on, I see that it’s a needle, how can I scratch it without poking it? Would I need to bandage the area since it says not to let the wart touch anything? I first noticed my wart and immediately had it checked out and tried all the alternative methods to the no avail in working for the last 7-8 months now. Anyway enough with that, let me know the answers to my questions. Thanks.

Hi Eric, yes, this will work, even on stubborn genital warts. We have treated tens of thousands of genital warts clients and have a 98% success rate! You don’t have to use the needle, you can use a tooth pick to scratch the surface of the wart. Apply the cream, it will sting, the wart will turn black, after 20 minutes wipe of the wart with a wet Q-tip. Then apply the cream again to make sure you have killed the roots. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash of the dried cream. That’s it! It will form a scab that will fall off in about a week and you’re back in business. Call me if you would like any more info 800-395-8401. Thanks! Jamie
Thanks for your quick response. I placed the order about 5 minutes ago now. Wanted to say thanks for the really clear and definitive directions on using your product. I will see that I follow these recommendations to a “T.” I hope I see a result with this as I am putting a lot of faith into this one. I like the idea of you “see” the result immediately (2 treatments, like you said, and about an hour later), but wait for the scab to fall off naturally. The only other question I would have is as followed…Do I need to take extra care when showering not to wash it off or put too much pressure on it? That was my only concern on this. Thanks again for your time and input to my specific inquiry. I look forward to this working and submitting a testimonial if all goes well and ending this frustration.
Hi Eric, You can wash normally, but yes take a little extra care not to knock of the scab. Thanks! Jamie
I put this on yesterday afternoon and I have to say, it definitely stung, pretty damn bad. It lasted about 10-15 minutes, but not nearly as bad as it was within the first 5 minutes. The worst was I first put it on, almost stung so bad I couldn’t put more on, but I had to suck it up and be a man and keep putting it on to cover the whole wart. I also put it on the second time as you recommended. I never visibly noticed the actual wart fall off, but the area that turned black, and it still is as of this morning (13 hours later), is much bigger than the actual wart was. I don’t know if it’s because that’s how deep the wart’s roots went or what, but it is was very black. It’s black now just not as dark. I hope this is all normal, but I don’t see anything that is a wart, just a much bigger area of blackness than the wart was. I’d rather look at that knowing it will eventually go away than a genital wart. Thanks for all your help and I will be submitting a testimonial for you when all is done and cleared. I did put this on twice as you recommended. It wasn’t as bad the second time around. I think there was a 5 minute period before I put it on the second time. Nevertheless, all seems clear and good to go so far.
Sounds like it’s working perfectly. Jamie
Well, it is almost 4 days since the actual treatment and I do notice a dramatic difference in the healing process, however, what used to be the small wart seems to be a bit bigger (but flat), but it is like a brownish almost black but not quite black color….is this normal and will this part actually fall off? It literally almost looks like a mole and no longer a flesh color. Is it already dead or will I probably need one more treatment? I will say it is not a bump any more, just a small circle like part of where the wart was and used to be. It could be a bump though as it’s just a lot flatter. The area around the wart looks like loose/dried skin. Not literally but looks like..what’s really weird about that is I never put anything anywhere but the wart. Maybe I am just unsure since I have never seen anything work on the wart before and it’s all very new to me, but I greatly appreciate all your replies, help and insight on this. Let me know. You’ve obviously heard from a lot of people so you would know way before me on what this process entails to and how it turns out.
I just wanted to let you know that everything has worked and there is NO wart!!! Unbelievable!!! I wish I would have started with your product first as I was able to instantly see the results. You were very quick to always respond and very informative in my specific instance in regards to concerns or questions. You offered outstanding customer service and support before, during, and even after I used your product. Jamie, you have no idea how much more confidence I have since my one and only genital wart is gone. GONE!!! Now I don’t feel so depressed and all the other things I went thru during the 7 months of trying other worthless products that did nothing your product did in literally 5 days(when my scab came off). In fact, I went out over the weekend and got chicks numbers again (That should tell you how down I was and did not want to pass this onto someone else). I have 2 dates next week. There is a small scar which looks better each day, so I believe over time it should be minuscule, if at all noticeable. I will keep in touch and let you know in a month what has happened to the scar and healing process. I am still in shock this worked. Thanks again!
Please if you use this as a testimonial, don’t use my full name and use E. in Atlanta, GA. This comes from my sincere gratefulness on the fact that finally something worked, when I had all but given up on finding a solution/remedy. Thanks.
E, Atlanta, GA